Connector Settings

What are connector settings?

This level provides system-specific configurations. Each external system integrated with Moveworks—be it a ticketing platform, a human resources management system, or a project management tool—can have its own unique set of rules and behaviors based on this layer. In this step, you need to adjust three key components:


  1. Select your Connector: Choose the connector for which you're setting up approval integrations.

  2. Default Resource Type: Select the default resource type for this particular approval integration.

  3. Default Resource Buttons: Choose and customize the buttons presented to the approver. These can include specific actions or links to external systems.

  4. Default Resource Mapper: Create a mapping for the approval record, converting the raw JSON object from the external system into the final approval record. If left blank, default settings will be used.

  5. Default Resource Additional Details Mapper: Map additional details fetched from the external system to the approval record. This takes the output of the Default Resource Mapper and uses it to generate the final approval record. If left empty, default settings apply.

  6. Default Resource - Filter Approvals: Control the processing and storing of approval records. If filters are set, specific records may not trigger notifications and will not appear in the user's approval queue.

  7. Default Resource - Notification Filter: Manage the approval notifications sent to users. Records will still be displayed in the queue even if notifications are disabled.

  8. Default Resource Config External Resource Keys: Map external source keys to resource types. This helps pair each resource to a specific resource type for systems with multiple types.

  9. Default Poller Interval Seconds: Set the minimum delay, in seconds, between automatic system polling. The default value is 60 seconds.

  10. Account Unlock Poll Grace Period Seconds - [Advanced]: Define a "grace period" value that allows the poller to run as if it were in the past. This is useful when an external system generates records with past timestamps.

  11. Account Unlock Poller Maximum Look Back Seconds - [Advanced]: Set the maximum historical period the system can refer to before moving ahead. Adjusting this setting can affect the potential of missing records or increase wait times.

  12. Link Type: Select the type of link used for the approval resource.

  13. Default Resource Config Action Notification Strategy Strategy: Set the strategy for action notifications related to this default resource.

  14. Default Resource Additional Details - Data Retrievers: Establish data retrievers to gather extra details for approval records. These details can be utilized in Bender scripts.