Hyperlink & Button Expiration

Hyperlink Expiration

Hyperlinks where a user has been authenticated, or pre-signed URLs will expire five minutes after being clicked on. If the pre-signed URL is not clicked on within three days, then the pre-signed URL will automatically expire.

Once the URL has expired, a new URL can be generated using the expired link, and it will be sent to the original user via an authenticated session with the Copilot.

Security Details

To properly safeguard your data, pre-signed URLs include a randomly generated 16-byte token.

Once generated, the pre-signed URL can only be used to perform the following actions:

  • View the ticket Activity Log
  • View the ticket short description
  • View the ticket description
  • Add comments to a single ticket
  • Close the ticket

Button Expiration

Buttons that contain a link and redirects a user to a URL generally expire after 14 days. If a user clicks on a button with an expired link they will be given the option to generate a new link when they visit the expired URL.

When do buttons in Moveworks Copilot expire?

For native skills in the Moveworks Copilot, buttons will expire if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The button was created over 30 days ago.
  • The total number of conversations topics encountered since the button was created exceeds 50.
  • The total number of actions exceeds 100.

There are certain buttons that can only be clicked on once.