Rich Ticket Filing

Moveworks Rich Ticket Filing gives users a convenient way to file detailed tickets so that service desk agents can better resolve their issues. This is done by configuring forms on a per domain basis, and serving the form to users when they file a ticket.

Rich Ticket Filing allows for:

  • Ticketing control — Customize the backstop fields users can fill in when filing a ticket in-chat.
  • In-chat support — Users can file all their tickets without leaving chat.
  • Domain customizability — Create different types of forms for each ticket domain.
  • Additional control — Ability to autofill user attributes and to make fields mandatory.

Ticket Submission

By customizing the backstop fields users can fill in when filing a ticket, service desk agents will be better able to find the information they need to help resolve the user’s issue.

Field Configuration Options

Rich ticket filing supports the following field options:

  • Single-line text
  • Multi-line text
  • Single-options dropdown (Note: Limited to 100 dropdown options IF the field is not a User field (type: USER))
  • Checkboxes
  • Datetime fields (for MS Teams)
  • Attachment (for MS Teams)

Rich ticket filing supports the following field functionality:

  • Auto-population of user attributes (such as email or phone number)
  • Ability to mark fields as optional or mandatory
  • Ability to make fields read-only


Q: For a User Type field, what if multiple users have the same name?

A: Moveworks will show Name: <Email> for USER type fields dropdown in the form, so even if they have multiple names, you can disambiguate using name + email pair.