Moveworks Setup - Live Agent Settings

What are Live Agent Settings?

Live Agent Settings allow you to establish agent handoff for items configured within the handoff settings. It's necessary to include all items that require agent handoff. Four types of agent handoff can be selected:

  1. Channel Handoff: This redirects users to a chat channel where agents handle their issues.
  2. API Handoff: Supported exclusively within the Vayusphere environment, this initiates a chat session, leading the user through the redirected path.
  3. URL Handoff: This redirects users to a specific URL via the Moveworks bot.
  4. Agent Broker Handoff: Moveworks makes it possible to initiate an agent-broker handoff, triggering a chat session between the agent and the user directly within the bot. This ensures fluid exchanges and problem resolution. Currently, this feature only supports the following integrations:
    1. ServiceNow.
    2. 8x8.
    3. Amazon Connect.

Overview of the Live Agent Settings module

This module empowers you to set the agent handoff type and associate it with the handoff identifier. This action links this configuration to the settings specified in the handoff setting configuration. While setting this up, you're required to define a pre-trigger rule that enables the activation of the handoff type. Additionally, you can select if you want to default to filing a ticket and append a short description prefix.

Configuring Live Agent Settings

  1. Configure the Agent Configuration Type: Start by selecting one of the available options and complete the necessary information. Keep in mind that each choice may require additional fields to be filled out, so be sure to review and complete these as needed.

  2. Define the Handoff Identifier: Make sure the identifier matches the item name you provided in the Handoff Settings. This identifier serves as a linkage between these two configurations.

  3. Create a Pre-Trigger Rule: This step requires you to develop a Domain Specific Language (DSL) rule. The rule you define here determines when this specific agent handoff configuration will be activated. Consider the instances where you want the handoff to occur when defining this rule.

  4. Clarify Ticketing Behavior: This involves defining how tickets are handled.

    1. Determine whether a ticket should always be created when this handoff type is triggered. This can be helpful for tracking and follow-up processes.

    2. Define a short, concise description for the ticket that adequately summarizes its context. This makes the ticket easily identifiable in your system and can expedite its resolution.