Ingested Users


The Ingested Users module gives admins visibility into the members of their organisation that have been imported into Moveworks, how their Moveworks user profiles are being mapped from integrated systems, and how bot access is being assigned. It also contains tools to help admins validate that the user import process is working correctly and to troubleshoot user-level issues. These tools include information on when the last import was completed and when the next import is expected to start, a high-level view of the completeness of user profiles and key user attributes, and filters to identify sets of users whose profiles are missing vital information.

All Imported Users

The number of members in your organization that has been imported into the Moveworks system.

Enabled Users

The subset of imported members that can be supported by the Moveworks Bot either in-chat or via ticket processing.

Bot Reachable Users

The subset of enabled users that can be reached by the Moveworks Bot in one or more chat platforms. This typically excludes service accounts, conference rooms and other users that may be present in the ITSM system but not in the Chat platform.

Last Refresh

Details on when the last import of user profiles was completed, and the duration of time it took for the refresh to finish.

Next Refresh

Details on when the next import of user profiles is set to start and the duration of time it is expected to complete the next refresh.

Find Users

This search bar can be used to find specific users and view their user profiles containing all information about user that has been imported into the Moveworks system.

All Users

A list of all users in the Moveworks system that can be filtered to identify sets of users. This list can be used to view profiles that are missing vital information.

Summary Statistics

Information on the key attributes being ingested across the user base, and the completeness of user profiles.

User Tags

This field allows Admins to assign user tags to users. User tags are values which can be assigned to profiles in order to classify a certain type of user. An admin can use user tags to change how the bot interacts with a type of user.

How to find your User Profile

To check what attributes from your Identity Management system is configured for your Moveworks bot, follow the steps below in Moveworks Setup:

  1. Go to Moveworks Setup and click on Core Platform -> User Identity -> Ingested Users.

  2. Search for your name in the Find Users text box. Select your profile from the dropdown or click on View Profile.

  3. In the Profile Page, under the Mapped Profile Attributes section you can check all the attributes that are mapped from your Identity Management System to Moveworks.