Confluence Cloud Access Requirements

Confluence Cloud Access Needs

For Confluence Cloud, Moveworks requires a dedicated Service Account. API access is done via basic auth and requires a username and token, which needs to be generated by logging in as the Service Account user.

The Service Account must have read access to the necessary Confluence spaces where end-user knowledge articles reside.

It is okay to have SSO in the case of cloud, as Moveworks will be able to use the API token without requiring the local password of the user. Please note that Global API tokens will not work for the integration.

Here are the steps to create an API token for a Confluence Service Account:

  1. Log in to using the Service Account user credentials.
  2. Click Create API token.
  3. From the dialog that appears, enter a label for the token (Moveworks) and click Create.
  4. Click Copy to clipboard, then share alongside username with your Moveworks Customer Success team.

More detailed information here:

After creating the token, you can use the curl command below to test that the access is working as expected:

curl -v --user [email protected]:my-api-token