Ticket Filing & Comment Translation

For primarily English-speaking Service Desk teams or language compliance restrictions from an outsourced Service Desk team to only record tickets in English, this new capability allows a seamlessly machine translation of non-English text to English when filing a ticket or adding a comment.

When a ticket needs to be filed within the bot, the Ticket Filing Translation (TFT) experience will automatically machine translate the user's non-English text to English when the ticket is filed. Within the ticket, the short description and description will be in English; whereas, the worknote will contain the original non-English text, along with a note of the translation.

When adding a comment within the bot, the Comment Translation (CT) experience translates non-English text to English. The original non-English text is stored as a work note in the ticket. Furthermore, when an agent responds to the ticket in english, the comment is translated on-the-fly to the user's preferred language within the Bot. This experience must be configured with on-the-fly translation experience.


Multilingual Support (MLS) needs to be ready or has already been launched throughout the company.


User Experiences

The Employee experience

The Agent view

Experience from TFT

Experience from CT


Q: Can the user edit the translation during the draft experience?

A: To create a frictionless experience, we designed the flow to make it fast to file a ticket and add a comment; therefore, we removed a step in the process.

Q: What if I want to make an edit to the translation?

A: If there is an issue with the translation, the user can follow-up with a comment to correct the translation, assuming the end user is somewhat English proficient. After translation, the user has the ability to provide feedback via the buttons, e.g. “Looks good.”

Q: Can I enable one without the other?

A: No - these are separate capabilities that are toggled simultaneously.

Q: What languages are supported for ticket translation?

A: There are no restrictions. Any language supported by Moveworks can have this experience.

Q: Can I restrict which languages should be translated?

A: Yes. Sometimes, there are Service Desk teams staffed for a specific language; therefore, you want to keep the native language within the ticket itself. Contact your Customer Success team to configure the blocklist for this experience.