Getting ready for Triage

Getting ready for Triage

In preparation for enabling Triage, one of the first steps is to train a supervised deep learning model. This involves feeding data to a machine learning algorithm to facilitate its learning process and enable it to make reliable predictions. The quality of the data used for training is very important. It is essential to ensure that the model is trained on good data, as training it with low-quality data could negatively affect its performance.

As a starting point, Triage models depend on data that includes specific fields and meets certain requirements, as outlined in the example below. Although there may be minor differences in naming conventions based on the ticketing system utilized, the fundamental requirements remain consistent across systems.

While exceptional cases may require additional fields, the following set of fields is generally adequate for the majority of models.


Triaging between Incident and Request

If you are using a model to triage between Incident and Request, this does not require feeding data, and can leverage Global Moveworks models.

Desired Output: A .csv with the following columns -

  • Data Column, e.g. ticket_id
  • Example, e.g. INC123456
Data ColumnExample(s)DescriptionRequired?
Ticket ID° INC123456
° 12389234
Unique identifier of each individual ticket.Yes
Ticket type° Incident
° IT Help
The classification or categorization of a ticketYes
Created at° 12/7/22 15:59Ticket creation timeYes
Predicted field° assignment_group
° category
° component
The field Triage will be predictingYes
Display name° Help Desk - 1
° SAP Support
The displayed name of the predicted field. This concept of display name vs internal name only applies to ServcieNow customers.Yes
Internal Name (of Display Name)° er2d29f29249fh93498hA system-generated alphanumeric value that uniquely identifies a particular record, such as an incident, task, or any other entity within the ServiceNow platform.If applicable
Short Description° I need help with my VPNTicket Short DescriptionYes
Description° I need help. My VPN doesn’t seem to be working.Ticket DescriptionYes
Contact type / Route° Bot
° Self-service
° email
The channel or method through which a ticket is received or routed within the system. Triage accepts only digital channels (email, self service, bot, etc).Yes
State° Closed
° Resolved
Indicates the state of progress or resolution of the ticket. Triage models are exclusively trained using tickets that are no longer open or require resolution.Yes
Reassignment Count° 0
° 2
The number of times a ticket has been reassigned to a different assignee or group.If applicable
Initial group° Help Desk - 1
° SAP Support
First assignee group or team that is initially responsible for handling a ticket.If applicable
Location° San Francisco
° EU
Geographical location associated with a ticketIf applicable