Squiz KB Access Requirements

As Moveworks has integrated with Squiz, We would need the following details in order to connect our services with your Squiz instance. Our systems fetches the knowledge articles stored in your system and serves the user with relevant answers.

Setup overview

After setup is complete, provide the following information to your Moveworks CS team:

→ API key

👉🏻 Provide provide ALL of the above to your Moveworks Customer Success team via encrypted email.

How to create a content API token in Squiz content manager?

Tokens can be configured by creating a Content API Token asset under the Content API Manager, available under System Management in the asset map.

A randomly generated unique token value will be assigned to the token when the Content API Token asset is created.

This value is immutable and cannot be changed.

Once the token is generated we need to configure the token as well

To configure the token, create a Content API Token asset in your system and complete the Token and User fields in the Details screen, and then "Enable" using the status change field

Currently the user tokens must be unique and may consist of any non-whitespace characters.