Moveworks Approval Workflows

Configuration Options

Sequential Approvals

Some sensitive applications need multiple steps of approval. You can make sure your applications stay compliant by leveraging sequential steps of approvals with Moveworks.

Parallel Approvals

Want to avoid bottlenecks? You can parallelize your approvals by asking multiple users at the same time! These approvals can be configured so that they advance when 1 person approves, N of M (e.g. 2 of 3) approvers, or all of them approve.

After all approvals within a group have been collected, other approvers will no longer be able to approve these records.

If any one approver denies the request, then the entire request is denied.

Conditional Approvals

Got special conditions for departments, VIPs, or different versions of the application? Require special approvers for users based on the application, role, and user.

Alexa’s request goes to Georgia since she’s in UX, but Paul’s goes to Chris since he’s in Marketing.

Bring your own Approval Group

Moveworks integrates with your IDAM systems, so we can load approvers directly from your security groups. Please note that this is not possible with OneLogin security groups.

Complex Approvals

Combine any of the above to create the exact approval workflow that you need for your use case!

Getting Started

To get started, simply reach out to your Customer Success Team and let us know which software applications or distribution lists you’d like to set up for our Approvals Platform.

Moveworks can also collect approvals for any other request and leave a ticket open for an agent to manage.


Special Distribution List Approvals

To make it easy to get started, Moveworks offers 2 out-of-the-box approval processes for your distribution lists:

Standard Approval Workflow

In this approval workflow…

Restrictive Approval Workflow

In this approval workflow…


Does Moveworks support using approval delegation?

Approval delegation can be accomplished using conditional approvals if your identity system marks approvers out of office. Talk to your Customer Success Team to understand if this is a viable option for you.

If you have additional questions about delegation, please share your feedback with the Product team. We’re all ears to learn more about how we can create a great delegation experience for users.

End User Experience Examples

Filing a new request


Note the multiple choice question is customizable to describe what the approval process is for visibility to the end user.

Ticket updates on intermediate approvals


Intermediate approval updates are provided as ticket comments. This reduces in-bot noise for more complex approval requests.

Request is approved


User is informed of all approvers who acted & that the application is about to be provisioned.

Request is denied


Ticket Comment

Bot Notification

Approver is presented with all relevant information to make a decision

Require comment on deny


Identify pending approvers

Auditor / Agent