SharePoint (On-Prem) Access Requirements

Sharepoint On-Prem Access Needs

As part of Sharepoint On-Prem integration, Moveworks needs both a service account and an on-prem agent setup, if you have an on-prem agent set up already with another integration, you will need to leverage the same Moveworks Agent.

This service account must use basic authentication (username and password) without MFA. Moveworks does not support an application ID and access key for Sharepoint On-Prem at this time.

What is the Service Account used for?

The bot will use this service account to ingest Knowledge Data in the form of configured Sharepoint Site Pages.

  • As of May 2023, Ingesting other content types (blog post, PDF, Doc) are not supported

Sharepoint Account Permissions

Moveworks needs a service account that is granted read access to the Knowledge Sites.

Moveworks needs a list of Sites that should be configured for the bot to ingest data from or the filter criteria for what should be ingested. For example, tagging Sites with content = “Moveworks”.

Moveworks On-premises Agent Requirements

An on-premise Moveworks Agent installation is required to integrate with Sharepoint On-Prem. With the Moveworks Agent no firewall changes are needed to integrate your Sharepoint On Prem instance.
If this option does not work for any reason, please contact your Moveworks CS team to discuss alternatives.