Getting Started with Moveworks

What is Moveworks?

The Moveworks Enterprise Copilot platform boosts employee productivity by surfacing information and automating tasks through natural language.

Moveworks gives enterprises a conversational interface that works across every system — from Microsoft to Workday to Salesforce. Powered by GPT-class machine learning models, the Moveworks platform learns the unique language of your organization to solve thousands of use cases.

Brands like Databricks, Broadcom, DocuSign, and Palo Alto Networks leverage Moveworks’ proprietary enterprise data, out-of-the-box solutions, and intuitive developer tools to bring conversational automation to all aspects of their business.

Moveworks for IT

Transform employee support by automatically solving any IT issue in seconds with conversational AI.

  • Instantly provision software and unlock accounts
  • Search your entire knowledge base with ease
  • Speed up approvals with in-chat notifications
  • Route complex issues to the right agent in seconds

Moveworks for HR

On day one, Moveworks solves hundreds of HR issues — without any added work from your team.

  • Look up PTO balance and request time off in chat
  • Provide instant answers for every HR question
  • Give new hires everything they need to succeed on day one

Creator Studio

Empower your developers and service owners to build enterprise-wide conversational AI use cases limited only by their imagination.

  • Paths workspace: Generate any custom conversational AI use case in minutes
  • Queries workspace: Securely access data from any system
  • Events workspace: Send proactive, actionable recommendations

Enterprise Answers

Combine federated knowledge from 30+ systems and 100+ public sources into one place for employees to search across, powered by semantic search techniques like GPT-3.

Employee Communications

Craft targeted, interactive communications to keep everyone on the same page directly in chat, so nothing gets lost in their email.

Employee Experience Insights

Uncover insights into your service desk performance by automatically analyzing the unstructured language in your ticket data.