Moveworks for Web Installation - SharePoint Online (Cloud)

Installing Moveworks for Web on SharePoint Online (Cloud)

Who can install this?

A SharePoint admin with the global administrator role.

Upload the Moveworks for Web Package to your SharePoint Tenant

Moveworks will email you the web part package containing the Moveworks for Web app.

  1. Navigate to this page: https://{{tenant}}
  2. Click upload, and upload the package provided by Moveworks.
  3. Check the box to deploy it to all sites in the organization.
  4. Click Deploy.

Approve Permissions

  1. Navigate to this page:

    1. Click Accept.
    2. You will be redirected to a Moveworks page with a confirmation. You can close that now.
  2. Navigate to the SharePoint admin center API Access page here:

    1. https://{{tenant}}
    2. Under pending requests, Approve both requested permissions (one from Windows Azure Active Directory for User.Read and one from mw-webchat for user_impersonation).

Now the webpart will be available in your webpart toolbox.

Add the Web Part to a Page

If your user account is allow listed on the Moveworks side, then you will see it right away, if not, work with Moveworks to do so.

Sharepoint Modern Site

It will look like this (a thin rectangle) if you successfully added it and are not allow listed (you can use the trash can to remove it, if desired):

Sharepoint Classic Site

Find the Moveworks for Web web part located in the Other category, and insert it on the page.

After the web part is added to the page. Edit the web part configuration. Change Chrome Type to None.