Concierge and Ticket Nudge Setup

What is Concierge and ticket nudges?

The Concierge Skills feature regulates the default ticket filing capacities and the types of tickets supported within the system. The Ticket Nudges function sends reminders to users to follow up on inactive tickets. Inactive tickets are those that have not had any recent activity for a certain number of days (typically set to 3 days).

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Overview of the modules

Concierge Setup

This configuration enables you to establish the supported and unsupported ticket types across various ticketing systems. It also allows you to set a default ticket type that will be created regardless of the system's predicted ticket type. For example, if you always want to file tickets as "Incidents", select the "Incident" type.

Ticket Nudge Setup

This configuration enables you to determine the maximum frequency at which a user can receive ticket nudges, along with setting up nudge query filters. These filters exclude tickets that do not qualify for ticket nudges.

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Concierge setup

Ticket Display Settings

  1. Provide a link allowing users to view all their tickets.
    • This link enables users to view all their tickets within the configured ticketing system. It becomes accessible when users activate the "view all my tickets" option.
  2. Decide whether or not to display the "view all tickets" link.
  3. Choose to show or hide all ticketing system redirect links.
  4. Determine if you want to bypass the intermediary Moveworks screen that offers additional ticket details and redirect users directly to the portal.
  5. Choose to reveal the ticketing system's states. By default, Moveworks uses internal states instead of the external system states configured during ingestion.
  6. Decide whether to display the ticket assignee's name on the ticket label while presenting the ticket to the user. Please note, this will result in the agent's name appearing on the ticket label.

Concierge Behaviour

  1. Select the unsupported ticket types from the dropdown. These ticket types won't be used by moveworks to perform any ticketing automations.
  2. Select the default ticket type to file. This will override the ticket type predicted by the system. Select "Default" option if you want to use moveworks predicted ticket type based on the triage model prediction

Ticket Nudge Setup

  1. Enter the maximum number of times the user should be nudged about inactive tickets. Inactive tickets are those where is no activity from the user or the agent.
  2. Enter the nudge query filters which will used to filter out tickets that are eligible for ticket nudges. You can enter some filters here like
    These are service now fields which needs to be used here.