The Moveworks Forms skill provides users with the ability to self-service the finding and filling of forms.

Forms is composed of these key features:

  • Form Ingestion — Moveworks automatically loads all your forms into our Enterprise Cache to make them ready to be served up in chat.
  • Form Finding — Moveworks diagnoses the user’s issues and finds the right form for the user.
  • Form Filling — Moveworks enables the user to fill out the form without ever leaving chat.

What are Forms?

Moveworks streamlines the finding and filling out of forms to speed up the resolution of employee requests. The Moveworks bot ingests all your forms into its Enterprise Cache, so when a user engages with the bot, it is able to quickly diagnose the issue and identify the right form instantly. After finding the correct form for the user, the bot can also help the user fill out and submit the form directly on their chat platform given both the chat system and its integration support form filling, and provided that the form complies with Moveworks form fillability standards.

Forms Ingestion

Moveworks automatically loads all your forms into our Enterprise Cache to make them to be served up in chat. Moveworks automatically starts ingesting forms every day at 6:00 PM Pacific time. The entire process (data ingestion, machine learning post processing, and search indexing) takes place over a few hours and is typically completed by 4:00 AM Pacific time. This process picks up new forms, as well as any updates or removals that may have happened over the course of the day.

Note: Typically it takes 3-5 business days for NLU optimizations to make the triggering more robust. If you continue to see issues well after the form has been ingested, please contact Moveworks Support at [email protected].

Supported Form Fields

Moveworks supports the following field types. Each field type will be submitted to your system according to the field’s name / IDs.


Label - identifies a field or provides other fixed instructions

Text Fields

Single Line Text - collects a single line of plain text input

Multi-Line Text - collects multiple lines of plain text input.

Numerical - collects an integer or decimal number.


Single Option - allows the user to select from 1 of up to 100k possible records.

Multi-Option - allows the user to select multiple options out of up to 100k possible options. Drop downs that refer to users are exempted from the 100k limitation.


Single - allows the user to answer a binary “yes / no” question using a checkbox.

Group - allows the user to select multiple options within a list. This data will be grouped together under one field name during submission.

Date & Time Pickers

Date time - allows the user to specify a date and time to be submitted.

Date - allows the user to specify a date to be submitted.

Supported Dynamic Behavior

Moveworks supports some dynamic form behavior based on the value of certain fields. Based on the value of a dropdown, or the value of a checkbox, Moveworks can set other field properties such as:

  • Whether or not a field is visible
  • Whether or not a field is mandatory
  • Whether to clear a field

Original Form served to user

If Laptop Model is “MacBook Pro...”

  • “Mac Accessories” becomes visible
  • “When do you need it by” becomes mandatory

Forms Finding

Moveworks Form Finding ensures that the relevant form that best helps resolve the user’s request. It does this by using Moveworks natural language understanding (NLU) to recognize the nature of the user’s request, and if a relevant form exists, the bot will serve the form to the user in-chat for them to fill out. Because Moveworks NLU understands the user’s request, the user doesn't need to know the name of the particular form that can solve their issue. The user can just chat with the bot, and the bot will find the best approach to resolve the issue. If filling out a form is the best approach, then the bot serves up the right form.

Configuration Options

Moveworks’ Semantic Search works to find the single best form for your employees.

To further enhance the experience, we offer a number of configuration options.

Entity Highlight

We know many of your forms have large dropdowns with hundreds of possible options. When your employees see a form title “Software access,” their instinctive reaction is “this won’t help me” because it is too generic.

To build confidence and trust in the form finding experience, Moveworks applies an Entity highlight to the forms to make the quality of the result more apparent.

Shopping Cart Experience

Sometimes you have a lot of options that can solve your employees’ issues. By default, Moveworks shows up to three results for forms, but if you have many similar forms (e.g. laptop forms), you can set up our shopping cart experience, which introduces form categories and expands our max results from three to ten.


Where available, images can be displayed alongside relevant forms.

Ticket Interception

Moveworks can reach out to users to help them file the right form if they submit a generic request to the service desk.

Original ticket

Original ticket

Refiled form

Refiled form

Moveworks will reach out to the user through a ticket comment, as well as in chat.

If the user fills out a new form recommended by Moveworks, we will close the old ticket.

Search Personalization

You can personalize the search experience with powerful search capabilities like profile boosting and access control.

See our Personalized Search guide to learn more.

Form Filling

If ALL fields in a form can be properly mapped to one of Moveworks’ internally supported field types, then the form can be filled out in the bot. There are a few modes that are support for form filling:

  • Inline Form Filling (All Chat Platforms)
  • In-Bot Form Filling (Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Moveworks for Web only)
  • Moveworks Webpage Form Filling (All Chat Platforms)
  • ITSM Redirect Form filling (All Chat Platforms)

Inline Form Filling (All Chat Platforms)

Forms also work perfectly with our Dynamic Flow. Based on the complexity of the form, we automatically generate a conversational form filling experience for forms that either have no fields, or a single text field.

Note: a field for requested_for does not count towards the maximum field count.

Examples of Inline Form Filling

1. No Fields

2. Single Mandatory Text Field (Business Justification)

In-Bot Form Filling

Microsoft Teams and Slack

For Microsoft Teams, Slack and Moveworks for Web, Moveworks supports fully in-chat form filling which allows your forms to render as a pop-up modal. This means your users will not have to leave their chat system to fill out a form. Depending on how your forms are built this experience may require updates to your forms.

Webpage Form Filling

Depending on the complexity of your form, instead of rendering your form within the Slack pop-up module we will render your form via a web browser experience. This webpage experience is powered by Moveworks and does not require your employees to log into their ITSM.

ITSM Form Filling

If we are unable to natively render your form through our form filling experiences, your employees will be routed to your ITSM where they can fill out the form. Don’t worry we will navigate them directly to that ITSM form so that they don’t have to search through your service portal for it.

Field / BehaviorSlackMicrosoft Teams
Text: Single Line✔️✔️
Text: Multi-Line✔️✔️
Text: Numerical✔️✔️
Dropdown: Single✔️✔️
Dropdown: Multiple✔️✔️
Checkbox: Single✔️✔️
Checkbox: Group✔️✔️
Dynamic Behavior: Visibility
Dynamic Behavior: Mandatory✔️
Dynamic Behavior: Read only✔️

Ticketless Submission

If the form that’s submitted does NOT produce a ticket that Moveworks can recognize, the conversation is adapted to hide the ticket receipt.

Submission with a ticket

Submission without a ticket

Configuration Options

Automation Form Filling

You can configure certain forms to surface as “automations” within Moveworks. This will change the way the bot presents the form, in that it will mention that the form will initiate an “automation”, making it clear to the user that the solution is an automated process they are initiating (versus simply filing a ticket).

We can configure any form so that when you select Yes will immediately submit the form, and on submit, will initiate the automation associated with the form within your ITSM system.

Supported Integrations

Moveworks Forms can be integrated with the following systems:


Q: How do numerical fields work? How are they different from text fields?

A: Numerical fields work by extracting any decimal-like number from an input string. For example, 32 GB will be converted to 32.0 upon submission, or $4.23 would be converted to 4.23.

This is done entirely on the backend and is a best effort submission. There is currently no special UI treatment and they visually behave identically to text fields.