Google Drive Access Requirements

Integration Overview: Google Docs Setup Guide

Configuring and exposing knowledge base articles in Google Drive primarily involves the following:

  1. Creating a project in Google Cloud Platform. All subsequent configuration steps we take would be in the scope of this ‘project’ you create.
  2. Enable the Google Drive API for the project
  3. Generate a Client Secret JSON file for the bot in GCP project
  4. Create a Service Account to authenticate the credentials.
  5. Moveworks Google Drive ingestion only supports Shared Drive (formally known as Team Drive), so you will need to convert your Drive to a Shared Drive. e.g:


Moveworks will only ingest documents from Shared Drives where the Service Account is a member.

The rest of this document goes into specifics of this process. Before you begin the configuration, please ensure you have the administrative privileges for the Google Cloud Platform in your organization, and ensure the drive that you are connecting to is a Google Shared Drive.

For ideal ingestion experience, please utilize the native Google Doc formatting:

Setup Steps

1. Navigate to the google API dashboard:

Start by navigating to in your browser.

2. Create a new project

Under your organization space, create a new project and name it “Moveworks”.

3. Enable the Google Drive API

Now that you have a project created, we will enable the Google Drive API for this project. For all operations you do from now on, please be sure to confirm this is done for the “Moveworks” project as below.

After you click on the “Enable APIS and Services” button, search for the Google Drive API as shown below:

Select “Google Drive API” here:

Click “Enable” to add it to the Moveworks project:

4. Create an OAuth Client

This section primarily walks you through creating the OAuth Client - again for the Moveworks project.

  1. After you have enabled the API, you will be presented with a dashboard. On the left panel, Navigate to APIs & Services > OAuth consent screen from the left menu side.
  2. Select Internal under the User Type and click CREATE
  3. Add an Application name (e.g Moveworks) and User support email (e.g Google admin email)
  4. Add as an Authorized domain.
  1. Add Developer contact information (e.g. Google admin email)
  3. Select ADD OR REMOVE SCOPES, check the …/auth/drive.readonly scope and click Update.
  5. From the Summary screen, go to the Credentials page
  6. Select + Create Credentials and create a new OAuth client ID.
  7. Select Web application for Application type on the following page.
  8. Add as an Authorized redirect URI.

Once complete, a confirmation modal should display your client ID and client secret. Download the JSON file to a secure environment (e.g. your work laptop).

Once you have the JSON file securely stored, set up time with your Moveworks Customer Success team to transfer and authorize the credentials securely.

The Customer Success Team will then generate a URL (using the JSON file and Redirected URI). You must use the Service Account to authenticate the credentials (3-legged authentication). Any file/folder that this Service Account has access to will be accessible via API using these OAuth credentials.

To allow the bot access to a particular Shared Drive and the contents within, click on + Add members when in the Shared Drive.

Share the Shared Drive with the Service Account that was used above for authentication purpose, and grant viewer access.