FAQ Knowledge Article Formatting

Instead of using the Moveworks FAQ Google Sheet to answer commonly asked questions from end-users, you can mimic the same experience by creating an “FAQ-Style Knowledge Article” that lives in your internal Knowledge Base.

To do this, you would create a new article in your knowledge base that the Moveworks bot is already connected to. From there, you’ll need to format the “question” and “answer” pairings using the HTML formatting noted below.

The Moveworks bot uses html headings to identify the article title and the question/answer pairs. It is important that a heading tag (ex. <h2>) is applied to the “questions”, and the “answers” are in the body text below. Applying a consistent heading format to each FAQ question will force snippetization of the article in-bot.

Keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of characters that can be displayed within your chat application. If the “question” and “answer” pair is extremely long, when the user clicks on the link to the FAQ article, they will be directed to the full-length article in your knowledge base. To keep users in-chat, we recommend keeping the answers to the FAQ short and sweet, so the answers can be rendered entirely in the chat platform.

Below are the general text limitations within Chat:

  • If a single “snippet” is served, content up to 1800 characters can be rendered
  • If multiple “snippets” are served, content up to 500 characters can be rendered

Below is an example of what an FAQ article in a knowledge article might look like, including the section name, HTML formatting, and example text for each FAQ question/answer pair.

KB SectionHTML Format*Example Text
Title<h1>What is the guest wifi password?
Question 1<h2>Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Answer 1<body>Guests of the office can access the internet by logging into the guestwifi network which requires the following password: password123.
Question 2<h2>What is the office address?
Answer 2<body>Our headquarters can be located at:
123 Main Street
San Francisco, CA 12345
Question 3<h2>What do I do if I have lost my badge?
Answer 3<body>Please inform your manager and call 123-456-7891 immediately for assistance. Your current badge will need to be deactivated and a member of the team can help you submit a request for a new one.

*Tags for Question/Answer pairs do NOT have to be <h1>/<h2> specifically. Another combination like <h1>/<h3> or <h1>/<h4> can be used if it better suits your internal formatting practices. The key rules to follow to ensure accurate snippetization for question and answer are:

  • Title should be <h1>
  • Questions should all be the same heading level

Please see the section Use consistent proper headers throughout your articles in this knowledge writing guide for more information.