Interact Access Requirements

Interact Access & Information Needs

Why do we need access to your Interact Instance?

The bot will read knowledge base articles and use them to serve the information in a Moveworks Bot to answer questions.

Authentication Requirements

Full instructions can be found in Interact's official API documentation.

  • The API Key will have the same permissions as the account it is created on. For this integration, we will need read access to all of the knowledge articles

To authenticate into Interact’s API, you need to provide:

  • Username
    • e.g. MoveworksAcct
  • Password
    • e.g. AcctPwd123!
  • Interact URL: The URL to your digital workplace.
    • e.g.

Other Information

You will also need to specify which sets of pages to ingest.

  • Interact Section ID: Numerical ID for the Section that contains specific user-facing content. This can often be found in the URL when
    • e.g. HR Section ID is 3456, IT Space ID is 4578