Creating a Microsoft App Registration for Moveworks

Moveworks Microsoft Graph Access - via App Registration Only Method

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a Microsoft App Registration for Moveworks for purposes of accessing the Microsoft Graph API. You will need to capture the following information to provide to your Customer Success team.

  1. Microsoft Graph App ID
  2. Microsoft Graph Secret

The Customer Success team will provide a secure email that you can use to transfer the above information to Moveworks. Follow the below mentioned steps to create an app and provide appropriate permissions

  1. Navigate to and select Create an App registration
  2. Type a name for the App Registration
  3. Add the required application permissions, this is typically User.Read.All, but clarify with your Customer Success team if other permissions are needed.


    Note: It is required that the permissions are granted as Application Permissions

  4. Once you have added the permission, Select Grant Consent, and make sure you click Yes, and consent to the permission.
  5. After adding consent, you should see green check marks for the application permissions you selected.
  6. Create a new secret
  7. Securely send the App ID, and secret to your Moveworks team.