Release Notes 2022

December 2022 Product Release Notes

New Products & Capabilities

Even smarter people lookup experience for manager queries

Your Moveworks bot now better understands and provides answers to your questions about managers. Through enhancements to the Moveworks knowledge graph for people, which helps model relationships between employees and managers, we now directly serve the manager’s profile instead of the employee’s profile with information about his or her manager. Please contact your Customer Support Team if you’re interested in learning more.

Compare your employee issues to other companies with EXI

Employee Experience Insights (EXI) customers now have access to a new page where they can compare their issues per employee, first touch resolution, and time to resolution to other companies in their industry and company size (by employee count). This release empowers customers to make smarter decisions by understanding how their performance stacks against peers, competitors, and industry standards. Check it out and let us know if you have any feedback.

Understand your employee issues by user attributes using the persona filter in EXI

Employee Experience Insights (EXI) customers now have access to a new page where they can compare their issues per employee, first touch resolution, and time to resolution to other companies in their industry and company size (by employee count). This release empowers customers to make smarter decisions by understanding how their performance stacks against peers, competitors, and industry standards. Check it out and let us know if you have any feedback.

UX Changes

New visual design for Moveworks for Web is available

We’re excited to share that Moveworks for Web’s design has been refreshed to offer a more refined look and feel. We’ve modernized the design for Moveworks for Web to make the bot more visually appealing and allow for more customization including:

  • More customizable design parameters to match it to your organization’s environment and brand.
  • Ability for your web hosts to call programmatically to open the bot when an event occurs (e.g. a user clicks a specific button elsewhere on the page).

Please contact your Customer Success Team if you’re interested in trying the new design.

Employee Comms link expiration extended to 90 days by default

In-text URLs and button links in Employee Comms messages are now valid for 90 days, instead of 14 days, by default. Employees will no longer receive links with expired tokens when they try to access the link later. Note: the expiry gets reset to 14 days each time an employee accesses a comms link.

Machine Learning Changes

The platform continues to improve every single day. Below are the latest updates to our machine learning models and the Moveworks platform.

Machine Learning

Language Core - Domain (Model Refresh): For every utterance, Moveworks predicts the domain (department) most relevant to the request. To continually improve our domain prediction model, we need to feed it with high quality training data at a fast rate. Quality training data is hard to come by, so we’ve incorporated the latest LLM, T0pp (11B), to generate high quality datasets of utterances labeled by domain – automatically – with zero human intervention. This model upgrade has resulted in improvements across the board for all domain predictions, meaning that no matter how complex your employees phrase their questions, we’re getting even better at determining the right domain their issue is in, which in-turn helps us provide the most optimal answer:

  • IT domain: +3% [94% -> 97%]
  • HR domain: +8% [79% -> 87%]
  • Payroll domain: +24% [56% -> 80%]
  • Facilities domain: +29% [55% -> 84%]
  • Travel & Expenses domain: +30% [54% -> 84%]
  • Procurement domain: +40% [14% -> 54%]
  • Legal domain: +55% [16% -> 71%]
  • Unspecified domain: +9% [77% -> 86%]
  • Other domain: +35% [2% -> 37%]

Language Core - Automatic Speech Recognition (New Model): Moveworks plans to support native voice recognition in the future, so the ML team is constantly experimenting with best of breed voice recognition models. Originally, we used Wave2Vec (1B parameters) to automatically translate speech into text. In Sept 2022, a new model, Whisper (1.6B parameters and requires no training data), was released by OpenAI. This month, we replaced it with Wave2Vec, resulting in large decreases for a metric important for voice recognition – word error rate (WER: the number of words transcribed with errors / total number of words):

  • On a clean audio dataset, we reduced WER by 35% [9.54% -> 6.19%]
  • On a noisy audio dataset, we reduced WER by 40% [11.18% -> 6.73%]

November 2022 Product Release Notes

New Products & Capabilities

Org Admin access to modify access to Control Center

The launch of the User Role Administration Module within the Control Center gives you more control and visibility into the Moveworks system. You have been chosen as the initial Org Admin for your organization and the new module is available as of today to give you control over who has access to:

  • The User Module
  • The Knowledge Module
  • The Forms Module

As an org admin, you can also add additional users to be the Org Admin for your organization. Please refer to this guide for details, and reach out to your Customer Success Team if you have any questions.

ManageEngine Ticketing Integration

Moveworks has launched support for the on-prem version of ManageEngine. This integration provides core Concierge (ITSM) and Answers (KB) capabilities for our customers using ManageEngine. Please contact your Customer Support Team if you’re interested in learning more.

See Concierge -Integration Guide (ManageEngine) and Answers - Integration Guide (ManageEngine).

Speed up IT approvals with approval notifications for ServiceNow

Approvals are at the heart of many business processes, but they can slow things down when tasks wait for approvals to be completed. To help minimize the wait, Moveworks IT Approvals are now extensible across any IT Table within ServiceNow. You can implement IT Approval notifications for any IT table you use today, including: RITM (Request Item) approvals, Change Request (CHG) approvals, Service Request (REQ) approvals, and Policy Exception (PER) approvals. Please reach out to your Customer Success Team if you have any questions.

UX Changes

New Ticket Draft Experience

To deliver more context to the agent when a user files a ticket, Moveworks rolled out 3 changes to the ticket draft experience:

  • A warning message “Please include more information…” for ticket draft with less than or equal to three words
  • The “Edit / Add attachment” button, instead of a link
  • Top-level destination selection step for handoffs with multiple destinations, e.g. file a ticket & live agent handoff

Our pilot research data demonstrated that the three-word limit was high enough to increase the likelihood of resolution without adding too much friction in the ticket filing step, inducing unwanted user drop-off.

Machine Learning Changes

Language Core™ - Language Detection: We updated our in-house language detection model with additional training data from open-domain and IT-domain datasets, increasing detection to more than 100 languages with an accuracy of 96.7%

Semantic Match™ - Answers Search Improvements: We have enhanced our industry-leading Semantic Match search for Answers to improve recall of relevant knowledge when a query contains insufficient detail to determine the user’s intent, or when the available articles do not directly answer the question, but still contain information that users may find useful. The result is a more intuitive search experience which improves knowledge discoverability, increasing Answers resolutions provided by 5.2%, and the number of queries served by Answers by 5.8%.

October 2022 Product Release Notes

Employee Comms End-user Notification Control

End users are able to set their notification preferences for all Employee Comms messages. With the notification control feature, all comms messages will include a new footer link labeled: Manage notifications.

The link will open a Notifications settings web page / modal which will allow users to Mute or Opt-out of “General announcements”.

Users who mute or opt-out will no longer receive general messages until an Admin overrides. When authoring a message, admins will be able to see how many users from their chosen audience have opted-out of general announcement messages.

When sent as a critical, All users in the cohort will receive the message. It will automatically include additional footer text indicating why they are receiving the message serving a dual purpose:

  • Inform all users the message is of importance
  • Alleviate any confusion on why a muted users is receiving a message

New External Knowledge

With this latest release, we help increase self-serve by adding 25 more external knowledge sources. This brings the total up to 100. Talk to your CSM to understand how you can further benefit from external knowledge.

Employee Comms Re-import Audience Button

Instead of waiting twice a day to sync your audience cohorts in Employee Comms, take charge to manually update your audience as needed using the Re-import audience button.

September 2022 Product Release Notes

Bot Performance Insights

Bot Performance Insights is the go-to centralized surface for bot champions, Moveworks project managers and help desk leaders to monitor the impact of the bot, identify rooms for optimization and create data-driven reports to champion the impact of the bot in your organizations. In this new dashboard, You can explore the impact of the bot in terms of resolution, acceleration and adoption. You select flexible date periods and choose filter by department, language, domain, location or country. Bot Performance Insights is your handy assistant for creating reports for your teams, leadership and sister teams to showcase or improve the performance of the bot.

Moveworks for Web Rich In-Bot Form Filling

Moveworks for Web now supports in-bot form filling for all eligible forms. It leverages modal overlays to match the experience enjoyed by users today in popular chat platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Moveworks Academy

We’ve launched our new customer education platform Moveworks Academy. Your team can access it immediately to start learning about your Moveworks bot, its capabilities, and how it works under the hood. All users who have access to the Moveworks Customer Portal have access to Moveworks Academy. You can get started by going straight to

August 2022 Product Release Notes

Group Access skill: Remove yourself from a distribution list

We have been making investments to improve our Group Access skill which currently lets employees create and join distribution lists. Recently we’ve improved our machine learning and search relevance algorithms for this skill so that we can identify additional utterances related to distribution lists/ groups. You’ll start noticing higher resolutions for this Group Access skill instantly.

In addition to the relevance improvements, we made it easier for employees to submit requests to remove themselves from a distribution list. We do this by creating a structured ticket that captures all the information your agents need to handle this type of request. IT help desk agents will need to take an action to complete this request - employees won’t be automatically removed from distribution lists. Your employees can now go to your bot and ask to be removed from a distribution list by specifying all the necessary details within their bot. Don’t worry only customers who are currently using our Group Access skill and don’t already have a form related to removing themselves from a distribution received this update.

Quick Polls

You can now capture feedback in seconds via in-chat polls! Whether it be feedback on your IT experience or an employee pulse survey, it’s simple and quick to create polls in Employee Comms. You can now also capture free-form responses for any additional feedback. Try it out and let us know how you’re using it!

Executive Insights Weekly Emails

With the launch of our redesigned Executive Insights dashboard, we will begin sending weekly analytics snapshots of your bot’s impact to you through email. Starting the week of August 29, 2022, you will be able to see the impact of the bot in one glance in your inbox, click into theMoveworks Analytics portal, or forward the email to your coworkers. Below is an example of the weekly emails you will receive.

After, you can adjust your communication preference or reply to that week’s email report if you have any questions.

July 2022 Product Release Notes

Time & Absence

Moveworks is releasing the ability to look up your eligible time-off plans and balances. We are also release the ability to approve time off requests & leaves of absence entirely in the bot.

Monday Morning Ticket Status

MMTS is a promotion we send to employees with less than one open tickets on Monday at 9am users’ local time to proactively update them about their open tickets.

Password Expiry Reminder User Preferences

Moveworks has now introduced the ability for end-users to set their preference on how many reminders to receive per password expiry cycle. This gives users more control over these reminders, and reduces perceived noise.

June 2022 Product Release Notes

Employee Comms Audience Builder — Attribute Based Targeting

Moveworks for Employee Communications customers can now target employees based on attributes such as location, role, department, work status, hardware type, operating system and more. Leverage information stored in various external systems Moveworks integrations with, including but not limited to Okta, Jira, and ServiceNow, to define a specific audience for each message.

Channel Resolver — Real-Time Ticket Syncing

With the all-new Channel Resolver, issues posted in a channel (such as #help-it) will now automatically be converted over to synced tickets in your ITSM. End users can continue to report issues within Slack channels, while enabling IT agents to have the option of either working in their ITSM queue or to jump to Slack. All issues are tracked within ITSM, includes comments in the threads, leading to fewer issues dropped, better reporting, and more accurate auditing.

FreshService Form Filling

FreshService Forms are incredibly powerful when combined with Moveworks’ Smart Forms. You can use them together to Enable powerful automations, leveraging FreshService Automator, trigger custom approval workflows, structure inputs from your employees. Now, employees can fill them out without ever leaving chat.

May 2022 Product Release Notes

Executive Insights

Executive Insights is a brand-new dashboard for executives and service desk leaders to understand the impact of the bot at a glance, at the weekly, monthly and year-to-date time grains. This one-page dashboard is easy for teams to report and present the impact of the bot.

Change Approvals In-Chat

Start June 1, our selected EA customers will begin to receive change approval requests via Moveworks in-chat. Approvers will be notified of pending change approvals and receive the exact uncluttered information they need to make approval decisions easily. This skill can also be completely configured to display any additional fields from your Service Now instance.

April 2022 Product Release Notes

Announcing Moveworks for HR

We’re excited to announce Moveworks for HR, a sophisticated artificial intelligence solution built for human resources. Help your HR team focus on big projects, and let Moveworks take care of the rest.

Multilingual ticket filing and comment translation

We made it even easier for support teams to help non-English speaking employees. When someone submits a ticket in another language, the ticket and any additional comments can be automatically translated into English.

Knowledge integration with Axero

Now that Moveworks fully integrates with Axero, you can pull information from 19 knowledge bases. Answer employees’ questions about anything from benefits enrollment to VPN connections in seconds. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

March 2022 Product Release Notes

Knowledge integration with Interact

Moveworks now fully integrates with Interact. You can use information stored in your Interact intranet to answer employee questions across multiple domains. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

The first Moveworks API

Our first API — called Message API — became generally available on March 16. Get started sending critical messages and actionable requests through Moveworks today.

Native support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

Moveworks expanded support to Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Japanese, and Korean! Now our bot understands a grand of 10 languages, and more are on the way.

We now also translate non-English text to English during in-chat ticket filling, so English-speaking support teams can help employees, no matter the languages involved.

Control Center offers visibility into your configuration and resources

Administrators now have access to comprehensive user information in the Control Center.

Location-specific answers

Top-ranked answers now provide personalized responses based on users’ locations whether or not an employee mentioned a specific place in their original question. With the new experience, employees always get the most relevant solution to their issue.

February 2022 Product Release Notes

Moveworks API Coming Soon

On March 16, we will be announcing general availability of the Moveworks API. Join the upcoming Product Session on March 23 to learn how the Moveworks API can help unlock the true potential of your enterprise tools and send messages to your employees natively through the bot.

Native Support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

In March, Moveworks will be expanding support for Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Japanese, and Korean speakers, in addition to already available English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Portuguese support. By mid-March, Moveworks will offer the ability to translate non-English to English text during in-chat ticket filling to enable English-speaking service desk teams to support their multilingual employees.

Control Center: Visibility Into Moveworks Configuration and Resources

We are launching the Control Center this month for administrators to view the configuration of your Moveworks chatbot, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, and request help from a single source. Sign up for the Product Session on March 23 to gain visibility into your users, forms, knowledge, and more.

Location Specific Answers Coming

We are changing the answer experience to provide personalized answers based on location. Starting next week, answers from locations different from where the employee resides or locations not mentioned in the employee’s question will be ranked down and not shown as the top answer. To completely eliminate such answers, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

January 2022 Product Release Notes

In-Bot Form Filling for Jira

Starting on January 25, 2022, you will be able to complete your forms entirely inside of chat..

Our research shows that this change will result in increased form completion rates & better CSAT. Your team can use this to trigger powerful automations, entirely from your Moveworks bot. Read more about the value of filling out forms in chat at our blog post here.

Employee Comms: Audience Builder - User Attributes

Audience Builder enables you to create targeted groups of users based on user attributes sourced from external systems such as Identity Access and Management (ex: Okta) and ITSM (ex: JIRA, ServiceNow). You will be able to targeted users based on user attributes such as geo, role, department, work status (FTE vs Contractor), hardware type (Windows vs Mac) and more.

Fill out this form to get early access before Attribute Based Targeting becomes generally available later this quarter.