Moveworks Setup - User Identity

What is user identity and ingestion?

Each employee in a organization usually has a unique ID or profile in the systems with which Moveworks integrates (i.e. Chat, IDAM, ITSM, etc). For the bot to complete actions across systems for a user, it needs to have knowledge of all of the relevant IDs or attributes for that user from each system. For example:

  • When a user sends a “check status” message to the bot in Chat, the bot only “sees” the user’s chat ID. In order to find and return the user’s tickets in the ITSM system, the bot needs to know that user’s ITSM ID.
  • When the bot polls the IDAM system for locked accounts, it only “sees” the IDAM IDs for the accounts that are locked. In order to send lockout notification messages to those users in chat, it needs to be able to link those IDAM IDs to the corresponding Chat IDs.

Moveworks handles this by building a “unified” Moveworks User profile for every user in an organization, using their profiles from each system and mapping all of the necessary ID’s and key attributes.

Making configurations for these “unified” Moveworks user profiles is an essential part of your journey to leveraging the variety of plugins that Moveworks has to offer.

What can you do with the User Identity module?

With the User Identity module you can do the following:

  • Create a final employee profile set.
    This set includes:
    • A set of employee attributes and their values that you want your bot to know about. These attributes are selected from various systems that you use for storing employee data.
    • A set of all the employees that you want your bot to know about.
  • View user profiles, validate that the user import process is working correctly and troubleshoot user-level issues.
  • Enable bot usage for your employees
    • This can be done for all employees, for a few employees or can be restricted to a select few based on an attribute that you have ingested.


  1. Make sure that Moveworks is up and running for your organization. This means you have purchased the requisite SKUs, and our Customer Success team has registered you in our systems.
  2. Make sure that the connectors are up and running. Connectors are basic building blocks that allow us to communicate with your systems. Learn more about connectors, see the Connectors guide.

Overview of User Identity submodules

Ingest Users

Ingest your user attributes from various IDAM, ITSM and other systems. See the Ingest Users guide learn more.

Ingested Users

Overview of the users that have been ingested into Moveworks platform. See the Ingested Users guide to learn more.

Advanced Settings

Advanced controls and features for user identity and ingestion. See the Moveworks Setup - Identity Advanced Settings guide to learn more.