Impact Module

EXI’s Impact Module allows users to compare the volume of issues and the time to resolution between two selected time periods. With this module, users can easily analyze and understand the changes in service metrics. You can compare experiences by employee persona and time periods.

The date filters are in relation to the created timestamp of the tickets, so filtering for June 2023 will show all tickets created in June 2023, not all tickets resolved.

Furthermore, the module can help identify the key drivers of these changes, including specific personas, applications, and issue types.

The Impact Module can help prioritize certain work and enhance the employee experience by allowing users to:

  1. Track the performance of service delivery over different periods, providing a comprehensive view of your organization's progress.
  2. Pinpoint specific personas, issue types or applications that had a significant impact on the reported changes. This allows users to dive deeper into these areas to uncover the underlying causes and take a targeted approach.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented actions or changes to improve service. With the Impact Module, you can measure the outcomes and more accurately report on the impact achieved.