General Banner Links to the Moveworks Bot

What are they?

Eye-catching, bot-branded banners that link to the bot and can appear anywhere on your self-service portal, knowledge base, intranet portal, and beyond.

SME Needed and Time to Complete

  • Relevant SME (ITSM Admin, Intranet Web Admin, KB Admin, etc.) - 10-15 min

Moveworks Provided Assets

  • Company-branded bot banner
  • Moveworks deep link to the bot

How To

  • Depending on where your new banner will be embedded, there are all sorts of ways a banner link to the bot can be implemented.
  • For popular ITSM and KB systems, there is often a configurator that allows you to manipulate the layout of your pages to add images with links.
  • For ServiceNow, for example, our guide on creating a top homepage banner can be used as a general reference on editing pages on the platform. Though there are many alternative approaches as well.
  • For custom websites, like intranet portals, your web admin will likely need to add in the image with a link wrapping it using HTML. Something like this:
    <a href="https://moveworks.provided.deeplink">
    	<img src="">
  • Depending on how the site was built though, the web admin may also have drag and drop tools available just like the ITSM and KB systems mentioned above.
  • Work with your Moveworks Customer Success team if you need help working with a particular system.