Moveworks Setup - Access Software

What is Access Software

Moveworks Software Access enables users to self-service the provisioning of software applications. Users can tell the Moveworks bot what software or service they need, and the bot will secure the necessary approvals to grant access to the request software, which is done by integrating with your organization’s identity and access management (IDAM) systems. The bot can also provision software for a user if they requested access through other channels such as forms, tickets, or email. If the software is not enabled for auto-provisioning the bot can accelerate the provisioning process by gathering the information needed, or giving users self-service instructions for the installation process.

Learn more about software access here :

Overview of the module

This configuration is primarily divided into three major components:

  1. Manage Provisioning System: This section allows you to connect and manage the systems responsible for handling your provisioning. It's where you can enable software request forms for specific software entities, ensuring seamless user requisition.

  2. Software Catalog: Here, you can manage the software entities that your bot can interact with. It's also the place where you define your provisioning strategy, setting the rules for how software is allocated and managed within your organization.

  3. Plugin Controls: This area provides control over the access software skill behavior. By fine-tuning these settings, you can customize exactly how the plugin interacts with your provisioning system and software catalog, thereby optimizing bot performance.

Each of these components contributes to a smooth, efficient, and customizable software management experience within your organization.