Salesforce Knowledge Access Requirements


Use this document for instructions on how to get the access setup in place for the Moveworks integration with Salesforce.

Authentication method: OAuth 2.0 JWT Bearer Flow for Server-to-Server Integration

Process Walkthrough


Your Moveworks Customer Success team will setup digital certificate/private key pair as a pre-requisite to this and provide you the generated digital certificate via an encrypted email.

Create a Connected App in your Salesforce instance - this allows Moveworks to authorize on behalf of the customer client under the provided scope:

  1. Under Setup > App Manager: Click New Connected App

  2. Fill basic info:

    • Connected App Name: Moveworks_Server
    • API Name: Moveworks_Server
    • Contact Email: [email protected]
  3. Select enable oAuth settings under API (Enable oAuth Settings) & add:

  4. Check Use digital signatures. Upload the salesforce.crt that was should have been emailed to you by your customer success team.

  5. Add the following OAuth scopes:

    • api
    • refresh_token, offline_access
  6. Click Save & Note down the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret

  7. After saving Update OAuth Policies, click

    1. Manage > Edit Policies
    2. In the OAuth policies section, change Permitted Users to Admin approved users are pre-authorized
    3. In the Session policies section, change Timeout Value to 24 hours
    4. Click Save

Create a Permission Set to interact with the Connected App

  1. Navigate to Users > Permission Sets & click on New

  2. Add moveworks_connected_app as the Label & Api Names & click Save.

  3. Now click on the moveworks_connected_app Permission Set and Click Assigned Connected Apps

  4. Click Edit and add Moveworks_Server to list of Enabled Connected Apps & Click Save

Create New Service Account (if it doesn’t exist)

  1. Navigate to Users > Users & click on New User

  2. Enter the following information & click Save:

    • Last Name: Moveworks
    • Alias: movedev
    • Email, Username & Nickname: moveworks@{{your-domain}}.com
    • Setup profile asStandard User

Assign our service user the connected app

  1. Navigate to Users > Users & click on our service user account that we just created

  2. Click on Permission Set Assignment and then Edit Assignments

  3. Now add moveworks_connected_app to list of Enabled Permission Sets & Click Save

Share with the Moveworks Customer Success Team:

  • Share the Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Service Account Email