Moveworks - ServiceNow Universal Request Support

What is Universal Request (UR)?

The Universal Request Module in ServiceNow introduces a UR ticket type, with a corresponding table (universal_request).

The UR tickets act as a container on top of “service ticket tables” (e.g. RITM, INC, HRC). The objective is to unify the employee service experience by having end users interface with a single ticket type. Therefore, all end user facing views, and emails will have the UR ticket number, but all actual work will be done by agents on the service tickets.

To build the relationship between service tickets and the universal request, the UR module adds a “universal_request” field to service ticket tables. The display number (e.g. UR00013032) is also provided as a string in the task_effective_number field.

How does Moveworks integrate with the Universal Request?

When a customer leverages the Universal Request Module in ServiceNow, Moveworks will continue to create RITMs & INCs. Customers can then create a business rule that auto-generates a Universal Request when the Moveworks bot creates a service ticket.

This way, when users ask for their tickets, the bot will use the task_effective_number field on the ticket to ensure that it always displays the correct Universal Request ticket ID for end users, even if those tickets are associated with different service ticket types / ticket numbers on the backend.

Moveworks’ natural language & business logic will be able to resolve queries involving the universal request prefix and retrieve the underlying INC or RITM, and display that service ticket in chat.


Q: When Moveworks adds a comment to the ticket, will it do so on the service ticket, or the universal request?

A: All ticket actions will continue to be taken against the service ticket. Business rules on the customer side can close any associated Universal Requests once the underlying service ticket is resolved/closed.

Q: Will Moveworks notify end users about comments on the service ticket?

A: Yes, Moveworks will still detect new comments and concierge events on the service ticket, and notify users about those events in chat using the correct task effective number.