Microsoft Teams Secret Rotation Guide

If your organization uses the non-AppSource approach to deploy your Microsoft Teams bot, Moveworks leverages an Azure Bot resource tied to a Client Secret in order to authenticate to your Microsoft tenant. These client secrets expire at a certain interval with a maximum life of up to 2 years.

If your Microsoft Teams Client Secret, secret is coming up on the end of its expiration period, this guide will walk you through the process of rotating it for Moveworks and sharing with your Customer Sucess team.

Find your Azure Bot or Bot Channel Registration in Azure Portal

  1. Navigate to Azure Portal at

  2. Search for your bot-name or moveworks in the Azure Portal Search like this

  3. Once you find the resource, navigate to the Configuration section and click on the Manage button as shown

Generate Secret

  1. Click on Certificates and Secrets on the left hand pane.

  1. Under Client Secrets select New client secret

  1. Enter a name such as “Moveworks Bot” and set the expiration for as long as possible. Please provide the Moveworks team with the date of expiration.
  2. Copy the Secret value and save it to provide to the Moveworks Customer Success team via secure email
    1. Make sure you do not skip this step as the Client Secret value will be blocked from plain text view after the initial creation