Release Notes 2024

June 2024 Product Release Notes

The new Moveworks Academy is here!

Moveworks Academy is live this week on a brand new platform with a revamped user experience tailored to your learning needs. Whether you access Moveworks Academy from or from, you'll be automatically redirected to the new platform.

Note: Your up-to-date course progress and certifications will carry over by July 17.

New Releases

Simplified experience for filing tickets and getting help in Copilot

We're introducing the ability to file in-bot tickets for customers beginning with customers who have only one configured domain handoff and a single handoff destination (e.g., file an IT ticket, or URL handoff).

  • Copilot will pre-populate a predicted draft of the ticket request so the user can simply submit
  • Since customers have a basic handoff configuration (single domain, one handoff destination) we now eliminate unnecessary decision-making by showing the destination in chat
  • There's now a clearer call to action for what the user should do at each step

See more details on the Moveworks Community!

Conversation context now available in live agent and ticket filing handoff

Copilot now passes prior conversation context in a live agent handoff, or when a ticket is filed through the bot.

  • For live agent handoff, the last two user utterances and the last two Copilot responses are shared with the agent at the start of the session
  • For ticket filing, the last two Copilot responses are included as a work note on the ticket

Smart handoff in Chat: Multi-domain, multi-destination

We've enabled users to file tickets and kick off live agent sessions without going to the reference page for simple actions.

  • In-chat ticketing or a live agent session will be offered if (1) user asks to file a ticket or (2) user asks to talk to a live agent
  • Copilot will pre-populate a predicted draft of the ticket or live agent request so the user can simply submit
  • Showing the handoff destination in chat eliminates unnecessary decision-making
  • Calls to action are clearer at each step
  • User no longer needs to select the domain in the reference page, saving a click

See more details on the Moveworks Community!

Multi-Language Support for Next-Gen Copilot

Multi-Language Support is available in the Next-Gen Copilot! This update adds:

  • Copilot experience in 100+ languages
  • On-the-fly (OTF) translation (Including: Creator Studio use cases, citations, employee comms)
  • Ticket filing and comment translation
  • Dynamic Translation within Live Agent Message Brokering

See more details on the Moveworks Community!

People and Room Lookups with Structured Cards

We've rolled out an update to people lookups that provides the best of both worlds to users — summarized and structured responses. Starting today the Copilot will present a structured card response for queries like "Who is Carl?" to make it easy for the user to review at a glance. We've also brought back floor plans, directly in chat.

See more details on the Moveworks Community!

Employee Comms Analytics in Copilot

You can now track all user engagement with Employee Comms campaigns in Next-Gen Copilot, including:

  • Number of users campaign delivered to
  • Number of users engaged
  • User engagement breakdown (buttons and links)
  • User engagement trend over time
  • Notifications and interactions downloadable report

See more details on the Moveworks Community!

May 2024 Product Release Notes

New Releases

"Knowledge Update" recommendations now reference your existing articles in Knowledge Studio

Now, for every "Knowledge Update" recommendation, you can easily see which one of your existing articles may need an update. We'll display relevant articles from your knowledge base to the topic at hand. For more, see our AI Powered Recommendations guide.

Prevent writing duplicate articles when creating new articles in Knowledge Studio

When you begin drafting a new article, Knowledge Studio will now automatically search for any existing content related to your topic. If similar articles are found, a "View articles to update" button will appear within the generation. This feature helps ensure that the new article you're writing is unique and doesn't already exist in your knowledge base. For more, see our Creating Knowledge Articles guide.

Visual refresh of the My Moveworks Homepage

Access your Moveworks products and services like Community, Academy, and support from an easy-to-access interface featuring:

  • Unified SSO and Homepage for all products (Moveworks apps and Trust Okta apps)
  • Self-serve, role-based access control for all products
  • Branded domains (e.g., "") as standard part of SSO configuration

My Moveworks Overview page

Increased Query API timeout limits

We heard feedback that your API often takes longer than 15-20 seconds to respond. Your APIs contain valuable information that users are willing to wait for, and so we've increased the Query timeout limit to 1 minute. Changes you'll see:

  • Consistent 60 second timeouts: All Paths & Queries APIs in both Classic and Copilot will only timeout when API response takes > 60 seconds.
  • Improved intermediate messages: The Queries API response informs users that the task may take up to a minute, and that they should wait for it.

March 2024 Product Release Notes

The Next-Gen Copilot is now leveraging GPT-4 Turbo!

GPT-4 Turbo is the latest generation model in the GPT series from Open AI, and Moveworks is leveraging it via both Open AI and Azure Open AI services.

GPT-4 Turbo brings a host of benefits to all Copilot users:

  • Better performance on knowledge-seeking queries, due to Improved ability to identify knowledge resources most relevant to the user's query and omitting less relevant sources
  • Increased stability and consistency in response times
  • Better performance at scale with the ability to handle 2X more concurrent requests
  • Reduced latency in the reasoning and planning step, providing an improvement in overall response times

See more details on the Moveworks Community!

New Releases

Generated implicit messages will accurately reflect user interactions & be concise

Understand user inputs: Generated implicit confirmations will modify based on user selections & capture their input more accurately.

Concise & proper grammar: The messages will use more straightforward and concise wording.

Read more here.

More control over which use case shows up in Analytics

Manage Analytics Views: Enable developers to specify which use cases are in test versus in production, and as a result, included in analytics.

Read more here.

UX Changes

Small UI upgrade for Moveworks for Web

When a bot response is not yet received but in flight to a user, a typing bubble will be visible, similar to other chat experiences.

Some UI changes for Moveworks for Web

For Moveworks for Web users, we’ve moved the close button to be underneath the UI. Additionally, users have more options now in terms of sizing and color.

New Integrations

Workday content ingestion

Query and retrieve knowledge from your Workday Help Articles by using natural language within your bot.

Read more here.

Salesforce process approvals on opportunities

Take action on Approval Requests for your organization's Salesforce Opportunities — set up through Approval Process workflows — based on single approvals, group approvals, and multiple steps, directly from within your bot.

Read more here.

February 2024 Product Release Notes

New Releases

Your Moveworks bot like never before, powered by Generative AI

We’re excited to announce that the Next-Generation Moveworks Copilot is now available in Preview. The Copilot uses generative AI-powered reasoning to understand and resolve complex requests, providing direct, summarized responses drawn from your organization’s sources and integrations. It combines search and actions to provide a delightful, unified experience to users from across the company.

Contact your account team today to learn how you and your team can get started with the Next-Gen Copilot, and experience the future of enterprise productivity!

Supercharge your Moveworks Search capabilities with File Search

File Search superpowers your Moveworks Search capabilities, by now supporting PDFs, Word Documents, and Powerpoints.

Starting with Sharepoint, Google Drive, and Box, your source ACL permissions are also fully supported out-of-the-box, so your users can only Search for content in files that they already have access to.

Reach out to your account team today to get started.

Read more about this feature here.

Generate employee facing knowledge in seconds

Interested in using generative AI to find and close gaps in your knowledge base? Then Moveworks Knowledge Studio is for you! Take a look at our product resources and reach out to your Moveworks account team to see a demo of Knowledge Studio in action.

“Tutorials and Guides” Library for Creator Studio

Leverage step-by-step tutorials for your Creator Studio projects.

Our library provides granular, easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through various use cases and functionalities.

View the library here.

Control Roles and Permissions for your Moveworks applications

Control access to all your Moveworks applications with the help of Roles & Permissions! Administrators can now audit which users have access to Moveworks applications, and grant and revoke user access to these applications through My Moveworks.

Learn more about the three types of roles and how administrators can grant or revoke access to these roles through reading our docs.

Creator Studio Real-Time Logs for Paths & Queries

Please note

  • Only APIs triggered from your bot are recorded in Creator Studio real-time logs
  • APIs that are tested in Creator Studio do not show up in real-time logs
  • Any errors other than API related errors are not logged in real-time logs
  • We do not record other debug information other than API request / response

Read more about logs in Creator Studio here.

Include more context in questions generated for slots in Creator Studio

What is it

Generated questions retain semantic info from question details (Paths design patterns only). This is a Creator Studio slots enhancement.


  • Retain semantic info: Generated questions will preserve your question info such as help texts, slot examples, descriptions, etc.
  • Concise & proper grammar: This will reduce your overhead to manage & review your exact question phrasings.

Read more about this feature here.

Creator Studio Support PUT, DELETE & PATCH request methods

What Is It

You can now configure PATCH, PUT, and DELETE Requests for APIs that leverage those methods!


  • PUT: Updating objects in ServiceNow
  • PATCH: Used in Microsoft Dynamics APIs
  • DELETE: Used in Microsoft Dynamics APIs

Read more about this feature here.

Audit how developers are using Creator Studio

What Is It

  • Audit how your developers connect with your business systems and build conversational AI use cases with the help of audit logs
  • Audit events are available through a new CSV file in our data dictionary


  • View when Creator Studio use cases are created, viewed, updated, or deleted
  • View when Creator Studio connectors and Events API keys are created, viewed, deleted, or used in the bot

Read more about this feature here.

MyMoveworks unified login and permissions

What Is It

My Moveworks is your new unified portal for all your Moveworks products, documentation, community, academy, and support. It is a replacement for your Moveworks portal (, which is being deprecated on Apr 30, 2024. It provides:

  • Unified SSO + homepage for all your Moveworks products
  • Self-serve role-based access control for all products
  • Branded domains (configured as part of SSO setup)
  • 1-click login for Community (from top navigation bar, under “?”)
  • Feb 23: 1-click login for Academy
  • Feb 23: 1-click login for Support


  • Branded Domains: Always know which instance you’re in with branded org-specific domains, configured as part of your SSO configuration
  • Consolidated SSO: Access all Moveworks Apps (EXI, Employee Comms, Creator Studio, etc.) + Community, Academy, Support through one sso app (or
  • App Specific Permissions: Allow Moveworks product administrators to manage access to applications

Read more about this feature here.

UX Changes

Creator Studio: Remove closing message after API actions

We removed the extra message “Let me know if you need something” after API action completions. (Paths design patterns only). This is a Creator Studio actions enhancement.

Read more about this feature here.

January 2024 Product Release Notes

New Releases

Grant / revoke access to Moveworks products from one place, controlled by your administrators

Administrators can now add / revoke access to each licensed Moveworks product through the “Roles and Permissions” app in My Moveworks. You can now

  1. View user permissions
  2. Add a superadmin
  3. Add an application admin
  4. Remove an application admin
  5. Add an application user
  6. Remove an application user

Read more about roles and permissions in Moveworks Community here.

Audit when your Creator Studio use cases, connectors, and API keys are being used by your team and employees

A new CSV file is available as part of your SFTP feed that share audit data about how Creator Studio is being used by your team and employees. It provides visibility over how your developers are connecting to external systems, and provides a way for security teams to audit and detect problematic access to systems.

Read more about details around SFTP Access here.

Access all your Moveworks apps in one place. 1-click install for Okta customers! Microsoft Entra gallery listing coming February 15!

My Moveworks is your one-stop portal for accessing all your Moveworks products, documentation, community, academy, and support. It is a replacement for your Moveworks portal (, which is being deprecated on Apr 30, 2024. It provides

  1. Unified SSO + homepage for all your Moveworks products
  2. Self-serve role-based access control for all products
  3. Branded domains (configured as part of SSO setup)
  4. Feb 23: 1-click login for Academy
  5. Feb 23: 1-click login for Support

My Moveworks has been enabled in your Creator Studio SSO app, if you have finished SSO setup. You can follow our resources below to learn more and configure SSO.

If you have not configured SSO, please follow our guides and resources below to configure My Moveworks:

Configure My Moveworks for Okta

Configure My Moveworks for Microsoft Entra (Azure AD)

Configure My Moveworks for Other SSO Providers

Troubleshoot & debug API calls triggered by your use cases

Your developers can now monitor API requests and responses made by your bot through Creator Studio logs. This allows them to troubleshoot any problematic API requests from your bot, and provides them tools to monitor your use case performance and launch more use cases. Please note: this applies to Paths and Queries use cases only.

Learn more about Logs here and read documentation here.

Share your feedback in our Product Ideas Portal

We are committed to listening to and incorporating your feedback to our Moveworks Product Roadmap. The Moveworks Product Ideas portal is a forum to collect product ideas from our customers.

To learn more about how the Product Ideas Portal works, click here (must be registered on Community).

Learn more about App Digests here.

UX Changes

Update to our ticketing URL display

For organizations with multiple ITSMs, we will show a URL for each ITSM when users wish to see a list of all their tickets. We also changed the wording for viewing tickets from "Click here to see all your tickets" to "View all your tickets".

A more consistent experience for Webex users

For Webex users, all plain text responses like button click messages such as “Okay, you clicked…” or system messages like “Working on it…” will now be rendered as adaptive card(s). This change will help us provide a more unified and consistent experience across our chat platforms.