Setting Custom Fields Based on Users with Rich Ticket Filing


Many enterprise organizations have assets or attributes linked to users that they want to appear on the tickets in the ITSM. Some common assets and attributes include:

  • Devices: IT teams will benefit from knowing what device the user is having an issue with
  • Managers: IT teams may need to reach out to an employee’s manager to get more insight on a request
  • Requests on Behalf Of: Some employees will file requests on behalf of other employees


At Moveworks, we built Rich Ticket Filing so that you can pass additional user information to your ITSM.


We recommend that you…

  1. Collect a “User” field in your Rich Ticket Filing configuration (see instructions)
  2. Register a ticket workflow to pass your custom user field to the ITSM (see instructions)
  3. Update any additional user attributes using triggers in your ITSM. Most ITSMs have business rules that will allow for additional object lookups.
    1. ServiceNow: Business Rules
    2. Jira: Automation for Jira