ServiceNow Update Sets

To further enhance your Moveworks experience, Moveworks provides plugins that are installed through Update Sets for advanced ServiceNow functionality. To learn more see our ServiceNow Access Requirements. For more information about the update sets, see Update Set Modules.

Install the following update sets to your instance in the following order:


To download the update sets, right click on the file and click "Save As...".

  • moveworks.base.1.0.0.xml: Make sure to grant the moveworks_user role to our service account after you install this update set.
  • moveworks.acl.1.0.1.xml
  • moveworks.webchat.0.0.4.xml
  • Use this update set if your Moveworks bot will be integrating with ServiceNow AWA Live Chat

Update Set Installation

  1. Navigate again to the Retrieved Update Sets table and click Import Update Set from XML under Related Links.

  2. Upload the update set you downloaded, preview the changes, and commit them.

These modules are very self-contained. If you encounter any errors while committing the files, this is usually self-referential and not something to be concerned about. You can usually ignore the warnings and commit the changes.



If you ever need to update a Moveworks module, back out the old update set before importing the new one.