Moveworks Ingestion Schedule

For the below artifacts to be available in your bot, each artifact needs to be ingested and subsequently indexed by Moveworks services.



For customers who are leveraging the Platform Permissions feature to ingest and mirror ServiceNow User Criteria for knowledge articles and forms, and have set the default policy to block all knowledge/forms without ingested user criteria, the SLA for newly-added resources to be available in the bot to those with access increases to 48 hours.

ActivitySkillDefault Ingestion TimesAvailable In (Best Case)Available In (Worst Case)
Adding/updating/removing a KB articleAnswersEvery four hours4 hours48 hours
Adding/updating/removing a FAQAnswersFour times a day at 1:01, 5:16, 10:01, 14:01, 18:21 and 23:01 PT6 hours48 hours
Adding/updating/removing external knowledgeAnswersOnce a week (exact timing varies) Note: This is not automatic, to update external knowledge file a support ticket with your Customer Success Support Team.24 hours7 days
Adding/updating/removing a formFormsTwice a day at 1:30 PT24 hours48 hours
Adding/updating/removing usersUser IdentitySix times a day (exact timing varies)4 hours48 hours
Adding/updating/removing a DL groupGroup AccessOnce a day at 23:00 PT24 hours48 hours
Updating password expiry dates for end-users (in roster)Account AccessSix times a day (exact timing varies)4 hours48 hours
Showing new people in LookupsLookups (People)Four times a day (triggers automatically after Identity Flow)6 hoursUp to 48 hours
Showing new rooms in Lookups via API IntegrationLookups (Rooms)Twice a week on Monday and Thursday at 3:14 PT72 Hours154 hours
Showing new rooms in Lookups via Google SheetLookups (Rooms)Once a day at 21:05 PT72 Hours154 hours
Modifying User CriteriaAnswers + FormsThree times a day at 0:00 08:00 and 16:00 PT8 hours48 hours
Adding/Updating/Removing a File from File SearchFile SearchTwice a day at 4:00, 16:00 PT12 hours24 hours
ACL Permissions Ingestion for MirroringFile SearchTBD based on customer volume1 hour24 hours