Moveworks Setup - Internal Sources

Internal sources are the internal knowledge articles that you have published in your knowledge management systems. Moveworks supports integration with a wide array of knowledge management systems.

In this guide you will learn how to set up ingestion for these articles into Moveworks. After these articles have been ingested by your Moveworks bot, it will be able to more intelligently respond to user’s queries.

Internal Sources module

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 12.26.28 PM.png

To get to the Internal Sources module, go to Moveworks Setup, then click on Answers, and then click on Internal Sources.

Once you go to Internal Sources, there will be a table listing out all past knowledge ingestion configurations. You can edit one of these pre-existing configurations or create a new configuration.

Note: When creating a new knowledge ingestion, some systems must be configured via the wizard flow, which is the standard method of configuring a system, and others must be configured via the advance mode.

Configuring Internal Sources

The following steps are a part of the wizard flow.

Connect to a system

  1. On the Internal Sources module in Moveworks Setup, click on Create.
  2. You will be taken to the first step of the ingestion process, setting up a connector. Select the connector that you have already created for your knowledge management system.
    1. If you haven’t already created a connector or want to learn more about connectors, see our Moveworks Setup - Connectors guide.
  3. Click on Next: Setup Ingestion.

Please note that you cannot change connectors after this step.

Setup Ingestion

  1. First, provide a name for the ingestion by entering a name under Ingestion Name.
  2. Then, choose a Domain. The domain is the functional areas of employee service that is most related to the knowledge being ingested for this configuration. And choosing a domain helps the bot to serve relevant knowledge to the user.
    1. Moveworks supports up to eight domains by default. You can click on Back to return to this page to change the selected domain during the knowledge configuration process, but the domain cannot be changed after you submit the configuration.

Setup Knowledge Bases

Moveworks will now make a live API call to your knowledge management system's instance and show you a list of all the knowledge bases or categories of knowledge articles available.

These categories can be different for different systems. For example, it can be knowledge bases for ServiceNow, or spaces for Confluence.

Select all the categories of articles that you want to ingest. For some systems like ServiceNow basic filtering options like selection of tables and default filtering options are provided. You can click on the edit icon on right side to have a look at these options.

Note: Basic filtering in wizard flow is only supported for some systems. You might not find edit icon for all the systems.

For example, in the case of ServiceNow the following options are available:

  • Moveworks supports the following default filters.
    Note: that these filters will be on by default.
    - Workflow status = Published (Ingest only published article. These filters allow you to exclude draft, archived articles to be ingested and served to your employees)
    - Active = True
    - Valid_to > BeginningOfToday
  • Moveworks supports the following Tables selections for each knowledge base. By default, the kb_knowlege table will be turned on for every base selected. You may choose other tables as required.
    • kb_template_how_to
    • kb_template_kcs_article
    • kb_template_faq
    • kb_template_what_is

Depending on your use case, you may choose to use Advance mode to ingest your knowledge base. You should use Advance mode if you need custom tables as part of the configuration, or if you require custom filtering of articles. To use Advance mode, click on the toggle next to Advance mode, and proceed to the Advance mode section of this guide to learn how to setup your knowledge in this mode.

Now that you’ve selected your KBs, click on Next: Sample URL to provide the sample article URL.

Provide a sample URL

In this step you will be asked to provide a sample URL, this is the end user facing article URL. Whenever your queries are answered by Moveworks, a user facing link to the article it referred to is also provided so that the user can be redirected to the complete article.

Here is how you get a sample URL for ServiceNow:

  1. Go to your ServiceNow instance.
  2. Go to any article that you want to ingest.
  3. Copy the URL in your browser’s address bar.
  4. Go back to Moveworks Setup, and paste this URL into the field under Paste a URL from an existing article.

Note: This step might not be present for systems where it is not possible for us to fetch sample URL automatically.

Now that you’ve provided a sample article URL, click on Next: Review Samples to go to the final step which is Validation.

Review Samples

Here you can confirm whether the configurations you made are correct. You can always click on Back and make changes.

Article Count

The article count is the total number of articles that will be ingested into Moveworks based on the configurations you just completed. This is not a sample count.

Sample Articles

These are random articles from the many, that were found based on the configurations and selection criteria that you set. The metadata shown are the ones that will be ingested.

We will use ServiceNow as an example of what these metadata fields are:

  • KB Number: This is the Article ID for the KB article.
  • Topic: This the KB article’s topic.
  • Short Description: This is the short description of what the article is about.
  • Knowledge Base: This is the knowledge base the article belongs to.
  • Created On: This is is the date the article was created.
  • Created By: This is the name of the author of the article.
  • Article URL: This is the article’s URL.

Click on the URLs and navigate to your ServiceNow portal, and confirm URL navigates to the correct article. Go back to provide Sample URL again if is not correct.

Once you’ve confirmed the configuration details are correct, go ahead and click on Confirm Ingestion.

Moveworks will take between 30 minutes to 4 hours to ingest all the articles selected and make them bot ready.

Note: You can always come back and edit this configuration.

Advance mode

By using Advance mode you have greater control over which articles to ingest. For example, you can define who can access these articles, or you can use customize filters for various knowledge categories.

How to get to Advance mode?

There are two ways:

  1. You will find a toggle on the top right corner on the Setup Knowledge Bases step. Toggle this on and you will be taken to Advance mode. Please note that once you switch to Advance mode, all your current progress will be lost.
  2. Some systems that do not support wizard flow will directly take you to Advance mode.

What can you do in Advance mode ?

There are multiple controls offered in Advance mode. You can look at the descriptions and make the configurations yourself. Apart from the multiple controls that you discover on this page, there is one major feature of Advance mode:

Custom article filtering

Under this configuration, you can add multiple API request URLs (start URLs) that correspond to your customized filtering and advance selection of article categories.

Let's go through the process of building these URLs in the case of ServiceNow.

Consider a scenario where you as an admin want to ingest all the How-to knowledge articles present in this knowledge base: Self-Service test knowledge base - 2 but only belonging to this category: IT-US.

Here’s how you can get the start URL for the above use case:

  1. Head to your ServiceNow admin portal, and go to All Articles.
  2. Click on the filter button on top left corner, create your desired filter and click Run.
  3. After clicking Run, you will see the articles that fits your filters.
  4. Copy the URL in your browser’s search tab, and paste it into a URL decoder platform in the first field.
  5. The URL that your users will be redirected to needs to be constructed from this encoded URL that you copied. Click on Decode. You will see the decoded URL in the field below:
  6. There are now three components that you need from this decoded URL to construct your own URL.
    1. Pick the first part which has your domain, in this example it would be:
    2. Add this : api/now/v2/table/ to the domain you just copied.
    3. Next, copy the part of the decoded URL highlighted in the image below. (this can be kb_knowledge, or kb_custom_table or anything specific to your use case, remember to remove “*” part*) and add it to the url:
    4. Next, copy the sys_param_query part of the decoded URL highlighted in the image below and add:
    5. Add “&sysparm_display_value=all” to the URL.

Your final URL will look something like this :


You can refer the API documentation of your knowledge management systems and create the start URLs. You can also add multiple start URLs.


Q: Can I only do Advance mode or basic mode? Can I do both?

A: Moveworks supports only one of these modes during the ingestion set up process.

Q: How long does it take for Moveworks to ingest all my articles?

A: It will take 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the number of articles you are ingesting.

Q: How can I delete a connector ?

A: Moveworks does not support deleting connectors as of this moment.

Q: How can I ingest custom tables in ServiceNow that I created?

A: You can use Advance mode for ingesting custom tables, see Advance mode for more information on how to ingest custom tables.

Q: What is the difference between Sample URL and Start URL?

A: Sample URL is provided by the bot when it responds to a query, whereas the start URL is used in Advance mode to do custom filtering for your articles.

Q: Are Integration ID and connector name the same?

A: Yes, Integration ID and connector refer to the same value.

Q: Can I modify a connector while editing a configuration?

A: No, if you want to use new connector, you must create a new ingestion.

Q: Will the bot stop working after I edit an ingestion?

A: No, your bot will still function, when the edited knowledge is fully ingested, the bot will reflect the changes in its responses.


  1. I selected a connector but it says “we don’t support this action now”, what should I do ?
    This means that the connector selected is not supported by Moveworks Setup as of now. Go ahead and select the functioning connector that you have created.
  2. I see multiple SNOW connectors, which one to select ?
    You can create multiple ServiceNow connectors and all the connectors are shown to you in the first step of the configuration. Select the connector that you created and is functioning.
  3. I accidentally selected the wrong domain for an ingestion and submitted, what can I do now?
    Domain modification for an ingestion is not supported as of now, you can contact your Moveworks Customer Success team to make this change.
  4. I think some Knowledge Bases are missing from the table? How is this possible ?
    Please go back to the table view and check again, please ensure that you have gone through all the pages. If there are still tables that are missing, you can also use Advance mode to add custom tables.
  5. I don’t see my custom tables in a knowledge base but I need them, what can I do?
    You can use Advance mode to ingest all your custom tables.
  6. I am getting wrong article count, where did I go wrong ?
    Please check the tables that you have selected or the URL that you have given. This count is the total number of articles that you have in your tables selected, or based on the start URL that you provided.
  7. I accidentally selected the wrong KBs for ingestion, how do I stop or pause it?
    You can go ahead and edit your ingestion.
  8. I am unable to go to my ServiceNow instance by clicking the link on review screen?
    This means that the Sample URL provided is incorrect. Try adding the Sample URL again.
  9. I am getting the error: “Sorry we do not support this connector as of now. Please contact Customer success team”, what should I do?
    Check if you are using the right connector for the system you are trying to make configurations to.
  10. I am getting the error: “Apologies, we're experiencing a delay. Please try again after checking your connector setup, instance health.”
    1. This error arises in the circumstance when Moveworks is not able to connect to your system.
    2. Verify the credentials for the connector that you are using.
    3. Check if your knowledge system is up and running.
    4. If the issue still exists contact your Moveworks Customer Success team.
  11. I am getting the error: “Unable to load the given page”
    To resolve this issue, go to the home page, and retry the configurations.
  12. I am getting the error: “Sorry we cannot process your request this time”
    To resolve this error please contact your Moveworks Customer Support team.
  13. I am getting the error: “unauthorized”
    This error arises when the session is expired, please reload the page.