Zendesk Access Requirements

The Moveworks service interacts with your Zendesk platform so that the Moveworks bot can:

  • Monitor tickets for autonomous resolution
  • Reach out to an employee when a Zendesk ticket needs the employee's attention
  • Create tickets to log issues the bot has resolved autonomously
  • Create tickets for issues that require an agent's attention
  • Load knowledge base articles so that the bot can serve them to employees
  • Read the Zendesk user roster so that the bot can log and assign issues appropriately

Service accounts in production environment and in test/dev

To perform the actions listed above, Moveworks needs service accounts in two Zendesk instances :

  • In your production Zendesk instance. This service account allows the Moveworks service to read and update tickets, and it allows Moveworks to read users, forms, and KB articles. The Service Account should be a Full Agent and not a Light Agent.
  • In your testing environment, preferably the one closest to your production environment, such as a dev, test, or staging instance. We use this for testing purposes before we deploy bot changes in production. The Service Account should be a Full Agent and not a Light Agent.

Create the service accounts in Zendesk

Follow the steps below to create and share the Moveworks service account:

  1. Create a new Role:
  2. Grant the following permissions to the role:
    1. Tickets
      1. Kinds of tickets this agent can access: “All”
      2. “Can edit ticket properties” enabled
      3. “Can edit ticket tags” enabled
    2. People
      1. Access to end-user profiles: “Read only”
      2. May this user view lists of user profiles? “Can view all users in your account”
    3. Tools
      1. What can this agent do with views? “See views only”
      2. What can this agent do with macros? “Cannot add or edit”
  3. Create a new Moveworks bot user.
  4. Give the user the role you created for Moveworks. Pass this account’s email address to your Moveworks Customer Success team.
  5. Create a new token and share the credentials of this account with your Moveworks Customer Success Engineer.
    1. Ensure the Token Access is set to Enabled