Moveworks Support Scope

What types of questions/requests can I send to Moveworks Support?

Feel free to raise a support ticket if you need help with the below issues or tasks.

Investigating common issues like

  • Why the bot is not responding to a user/multiple users

  • Why didn’t bot nudge on a certain ticket?

  • Why did the concierge skill not notify an end-user on a ticket?

  • Why the user did not receive an approval notification?

  • Why did the bot fail to provision X software/group?

  • Why did the bot did not intercept a ticket or channel update?

  • Why the ticket creation is failing for users?

  • Why the channel updates are not syncing?

  • Why the channel ticket creation is not working?

  • Why the bot is unable to provision a software?

  • Why the password reset or account unlock is failing?

  • Why MFA reset is not working as expected?

Investigating issues where the bot is not returning the expected results.

  • Bot not serving the expected form/KB/FAQs

  • Expected result is not showing up in a specific route (Channel, Ticket or DM)

  • Multilingual queries are not serving the expected results.

  • Bot is serving an incorrect backstop

  • Invalid KB/FAQs or Forms are being served by the bot.

  • Users are unable to find the expected software through the bot

  • Bot is not triggering account unlock , MFA reset or password reset options.

Access related requests

  • Provide access to the bot for one or more users.

  • Revoke bot access to a specific user or a group of users.

  • Enable or restrict Answers or forms to one or more users

  • Employee Comms access

  • Moveworks Analytics access

Moveworks Analytics

  • Issues with analytics access through control center
  • Questions/ requests related to Analytics dashboard data
  • Requests to add specific data reports to a customer’s export.

Control Center

  • Control Center - SSO Setup
  • Issues with control center access
  • Questions/ requests related to control center data
  • Requests for specific data reports

Troubleshooting Employee Comms

  • Why didn’t an employee Comm complete?
  • Unable to sent out employee comms
  • Some users did not receive the employee comm notification
  • Audience builder not working as expected.
  • Campaign translation is not accurate.

Updating ticket filters, which includes:

  • Changes to denominator filter
  • Changes to triage scope
  • Changes to nudge/concierge ticket filter
  • Changes to ticket interception filters

Minor changes to configuration (modifying behavior of an existing skill)

  • Updates/changes to verbiage served by the bot.
  • Modifying the frequencies in which the bot notify the users
  • Updating images for bot avatars (Web bot and Control Center)
  • Adding a new knowledge Base for an existing integration
    • e.g: Add a new ServiceNow Knowledge Base, Confluence Space or Sharepoint Site to be ingested.
  • Changing Live Agent Handoff behavior

Account Access

  • User receiving frequent account unlock notifications
  • User did not receive a lock out notifications
  • User unable to unlock the account through the bot
  • Password reset is not working as expected
  • Update the password reset behavior.

Software Access

  • Update the approver or approval configuration for an existing app
  • Disable an app from being served through the bot
  • Setting up new software if the integration is already set up
    • e.g: Add a new Configuration for a new App

Group Access

  • Users are not getting added a specific group
  • Unable to remove users from groups
  • Group creation through the bot is failing


  • FAQs are not getting surfaced in the bot.
  • Recently updated KB is not showing up in the bot.
  • Formatting of the Articles in the bot is not accurate
  • Issues related to external KB articles.


  • Form is not fillable in the bot.
  • Form fields are not displaying as expected.
  • User is unable to see a form
  • Form submission fails with an error.


  • Who is user not returning the user profile card.
  • Lookup card is not showing all expected details.
  • Conference room lookup not working as expected


  • Approvals are failing for users
  • User unable to add a comment while denying a request
  • All approvers are not receiving the approval notification.


  • Change the current triage assignment behavior
    • Eg: XYZ group has been retired and any predictions to XYZ should be routed to ABC group
    • Set up a default Fallback group when there are no predicted groups to assign a ticket
  • Add or update triage filters (Add or remove a specific type of tickets from being triaged)
  • Investigate incorrect triage assignments or missed triage opportunity.

Channel Resolver

  • Bot is not responding to channel utterances
  • Tickets are not getting created in channel for specific or all users
  • Ticket updates are not showing up in the channel thread.
  • Duplicate messages are posted in channel threads

SFTP Setup

  • Read Access: For analytics
  • Read + Write Access: For sending data

How to contact Moveworks Support?

Customers can contact Moveworks Support by going to the Moveworks Customer Portal at, logging in, and submitting a ticket.