Bot Performance Insights (BPI+)

Bot Performance Insights is the go-to centralized surface for all bot champions, Moveworks project managers and help desk leaders to:

  • Monitor the performance of the bot
  • Identify room for expanding the bot’s impact at your organization
  • Effortlessly create data-driven reports to champion the bot

Compared to the existing Bot Performance Insights in Tableau, BPI+ is built on Moveworks’ proprietary native data visualization platform. While BPI+ has a familiar look and feel, it has incorporated many new useful features to provide transparency into the underlying data. Please check out the BPI+ course in Moveworks Academy for a detailed walk-through.

Please note that the data in BPI+ is backfilled up to August 2023. All prior data is available in the legacy Tableau BPI dashboard.

Navigating the Dashboard

Three Pillars of Impact

The three main sections of BPI+ are Resolution, Acceleration and Adoption. In the Resolution section, you can learn about what issues the bot is autonomously resolving on behalf of the service desk. The Acceleration section features how the bot autonomously routes tickets and accelerates business processes by making ticket interactions and Approvals frictionless. Finally, the Adoption section is where you can break down the employees who are engaging with the bot and identify how to further expand the impact of the bot.

Dynamic and Flexible

By clicking on any one of the three key metric tiles, you can dive deeper and view the relevant breakdowns. The date granularity of the charts can also be adjusted on the left side bar. The date range is completely flexible so you can pull up and capture the reports you need.

Filters and Breakdowns

BPI+ offers global filters by department, language, domain, location and country, as well as breakdowns by these attributes where appropriate.

Deep-Dive and Underlying Data

One of the most significant features of BPI+ is the ability to deep-dive into a particular skill or route, see the next-level insights and the underlying granular data. For any breakdown, simply click on the rows to reveal a right panel and scroll to the bottom for the underlying data.

Consolidated across Answers, Channels and Triage Insights

Compared to the old experience on Tableau where we had separate dashboards for Answers, Channel Resolver and Triage, BPI+ now offers a seamless and user-friendly experience navigating the analytics of the various functionalities of the bot.

Getting Access to BPI+

BPI+, which serves the classic bot, is currently only released to newly deployed customers and select existing customers to make space for the transition from the classic bot to the Next-Gen Copilot. However, if your organization is eligible for BPI+, you can get access to BPI+ with the following steps:

  1. Install the My Moveworks SSO app following this guide
  2. Ask your CSM to provide BPI+ access to your organization
  3. Super admins can now start adding other users as Analytics Admins or Viewers

Once you have access, you can go to My Moveworks App and navigate to the Analytics app and you should be able to see BPI+.


On each section described below, data can be filtered to

  • Specific date period (note that the filter includes the lower date limit and excludes the upper date limit)
  • Employee department/location/country, according to user roster attributes
  • Domain of issues
  • Language used by the bot for communication with the user

Resolution Section

Deep-Dive by Skills

Click on a row in the breakdown at the bottom of a section to open a deep-dive in the panel on the right.

Answers Insights has now been incorporated into BPI+ itself, making drill-downs and cross-comparisons easier than ever. Scroll to the bottom of the right panel to find the granular user utterances. You can also toggle between issue details (each row is one issue) and article details (each row is one resource served).

Importantly, BPI+ not only has details for Answers, but for all resolution skills, providing unprecedented transparency to how the bot is working to resolve employees’ issues.

Deep-Dive by Routes

Similarly, Channel Insights has also been incorporated into BPI+ itself, along with details of all the routes.

Acceleration Section

BPI+ also offers extraordinary details into all the acceleration skills, showing the underlying details of metrics like tickets submitted in bot, live chat clicked, approvals processed in bot, and many more.

Notably, Triage Insights is also incorporated into BPI+, offering Triage insights right in place. Clicking on the breakdown also reveals the underlying tickets triaged and the results.

Adoption Section

While the Adoption section looks familiar, we now have added the denominator for each breakdown item, showing the active employees but also the employees that could have been active but were not. The added insights can further aid adoption efforts by departments or locations.

Clicking on any breakdown item reveals the list of the active employees.

If you have any questions regarding the metrics, please feel free to send your questions to [email protected].