Provisioning Systems

The "Provisioners" configuration in our application plays a crucial role in integrating your software applications into Moveworks. It provides a streamlined way to connect with your chosen Provisioning System, customize your software provisioning experience, and manage app-related form submissions.

Supported Provisioning Systems:
Moveworks support following provisioning systems:

  1. Okta
  2. Azure Directory

Configuring Provisioning System

Step 1: Select Connector

Specify your "Provisioning System" by selecting the correct connector, such as Okta. This is the system that our application will utilize for software provisioning.

Step 2: Post Provisioning URL

Define the URL that users will be directed to after successful provisioning. Usually, this will be a link to your selected Provisioning System's portal, like Okta. This ensures that users know where to go after they've successfully requested software. E.g.

What’s Next

Once you are done with setting up of provisioning system, you can go Software catalog for manage specific software provisioning.