Moveworks Setup - Forms Advanced Settings

Once you’ve completed ingesting your forms into Moveworks and checked the status of the forms ingestions, Moveworks Setup offers a variety of control options to modify and fine tune the performance of the Forms plugin in the Advanced Settings submodule.

You can navigate to the Advanced Settings by going to Moveworks Setup and clicking on Forms and then Advanced Settings in the sidebar.

Advanced Settings contain the following sections:


This section allows you to control the response precision of forms within the bot. You can make configurations for different scenarios, like when a ticket is created via the direct message route, the threshold and confidence level of the results can be set to be above a certain level before a Form is served.

Last Mile Automation

This section allows you to control the automation options for the Forms plugin.

Advanced Settings

This sections allows you to control the overall performance of the Forms plugin by controlling the number of concurrent API calls that are made to your systems. Increasing the number of threads will increase the number of concurrent API calls made to your system when ingesting forms which could reduce overall performance. The number of threads is set at two by default.

Note: We recommend leaving this field empty, making any changes here can effect the performance of your ITSM system.

You can also the ingestion of user fields in this section. You should only enable this when you want all user metadata fields to be ingested.

Warning: We recommend you do not enable this as it might reduce your bot performance significantly.

Web-Form Styling

This section allows you to configure the primary, secondary and highlight colors for Web-forms.