Smart Handoff

Moveworks Smart Handoff directs the user to the correct set of destinations when no resolution is provided by the bot.

The Smart Handoff feature:

  • Intelligently routes employees to the right team or destination for further help.
  • Has configurable backstop after Moveworks attempts to answer the question.
  • Powered by domain recognition and user metadata.

As part of Enterprise Answers, Smart Handoff hands the user off to the right set of destinations when no resolution is provided, as shown in the image below. These destinations include the following:

  • Filing into Ticketing System
  • Live Agent Handoff - URL-based, API, or channel (Teams, Slack Channel)
  • URL - to self-service portal, e.g.
  • Chat Channel ID (if Slack) - CXXXXXXXXX (Slack Channel ID)
  • Slack handle - @John Smith
  • Email Address - [email protected]
  • Another Bot - URL-based
  • …and more

These handoff destinations or items can be configured by context - domain classification, language detected, language set, and user’s status, e.g. VIP (to name a few examples).

How is Smart Handoff Configured?


The Moveworks bot will be integrating within your company’s chat platform and interacting with users to provide answers in different categories. We need to come up with the text for the “Smart Handoff” to another category if no answer is available.

In this guide, Moveworks will provide a standardized handoff template as a placeholder for the initial Smart Handoff experience. The contents of the example messages include verbiage across all defined categories, items, and their specifics. At the end, we will assemble and test the Smart Handoff.


We can group the Smart Handoff configurations into two distinct setups:

  1. single-domain: Only one domain (category) is enabled in your environment such as Moveworks for IT or Moveworks for HR.
  2. multi-domain: More than two domains are enabled in your environment such as Enterprise Service (up to eight domains, as mentioned below).

Your Customer Success team will work with you to pick which setup is appropriate, depending on the SKU that was purchased.

The Smart Handoff card has two major components:

  1. An item represents a single handoff destination, e.g. email address, URL, file ticket, live agent chat, handoff to channel (to name a few). Helpful to think of an item as the lowest leaf level, e.g. a leaf node.
  2. A category represents a visual grouping of items (once triggering items are determined, they will be displayed under their category).
    1. A common paradigm is to have categories represent individual domains, e.g. IT, HR, Legal, etc. A single category can also represent one language (e.g. URL for german-speakers would be an item living under the German category).

Select Out-of-the-box (OOB) Domains

While this is a provided template for the newly added category, the “Smart Handoff” can be customized to cater to your specific needs. Users will also have the ability to navigate within different categories. A common paradigm is to set categories to domains, starting with the list below which are out-of-the-box:

DomainMoveworks Description
ITIssues and requests pertaining to information technology, i.e. the use of computer systems to create, process, store, retrieve, and exchange electronic data and information.
HRIssues and requests that typically fall under the purview of a human resources department. We consider most requests about the following topics to be HR domain: benefits, employee recruitment, training & development, performance appraisal, pay & benefits systems**, organizational changes, & industrial relations, i.e. balancing organizational practices with requirements from laws & collective bargaining.

**may also fall under Payroll
FacilityIssues and requests pertaining to workspaces and other facilities leased or owned by the organization.
We consider requests about the following topics to be Facility domain: facility access badges, office supplies. facility information lookups, including of conference rooms, furniture, catering, cleaning, facility maintenance, other requests pertaining to the planning, design, construction, lease, occupancy, maintenance of facilities

Potential overlap with IT: information technology infrastructure for an office or other facility, such as badge access and wifi networks.
FinanceIssues and requests pertaining to corporate finance or financial accounting. We include personal finance questions under this domain as well. We consider requests, queries, and issues about the following subjects to be Finance domain: financial transactions related to the organization (summary, analysis, reporting, and execution), including purchase orders and invoices, budgets, money, financial agreements with entities outside the organization, tools and analysis used to allocate financial resources, the capital structure of the organization, & short-term borrowing and lending
LegalLegal requests and ethics/compliance questions, including anything related to contracts/master agreements with vendors, suppliers, partners, and customers.
PayrollRequests pertaining to the process of calculating employee earnings, factoring out taxes and voluntary deductions such as 401(k) contributions and Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) contributions, and paying employees for their labor.
ProcurementRequests pertaining to the corporate process of sourcing and purchasing goods and services from an external source, like a third-party vendor or supplier. Includes vendor negotiation and vendor management, handling organizational purchase requests (requisitions), issuing purchase orders and developing term contracts.
Travel & ExpenseRequests pertaining to travel logistics and reimbursements to employees for expenses.

Optimize Domain Classifier


This will be necessary for multi-domain configurations. For single-domain , you can skip this section.

For each domain you want to enable, Moveworks would need access to data for the model to learn and understand the nuances of each domain. This data can come from: tickets, chat / teams/ channel utterances, emails, and/or knowledge articles.

With these pieces of information, Moveworks will refine its understanding for your company’s domains; however, we encourage you to work with your Customer Success team to identify topic categories per domain so we can optimize the domain classification model. We can fine-tune accordingly to optimize for key phrases.

Smart Handoff Text - Overview

There are five main experiences to consider when designing the Smart Handoff, distinguished by:

  • Bot is confident vs not confident about which exact domain/category to show
  • single-domain vs multi-domain
  • Single item vs multiple items
    • Single item handoffs will render a button; whereas multiple item handoffs will render links

Here is the handoff experience when the Bot is not confident about the domain and user selects a domain (IT) with no items:

Here is the handoff experience when the Bot is not confident about the domain and user selects a domain (HR) with multiple items w/ links:

Here is the handoff experience when the Bot is not confident about the domain and user selects a domain (HR) with one item w/ a link:

Here is the handoff experience when the Bot is confident about the domain (IT only):

Here is the handoff experience when the Bot is confident about the domain, which is IT:

Smart Handoff Text - Exercise

Now, you can fill out the tables below to generate the card per category.

Create Categories with Sample Text

The common paradigm for categories is to use domains, or the department that can address the employee’s issue and request. Also, a category can also represent a unique entity within your organization that is frequently used.

DescriptionSample Text
IT Category NameIT Support
IT Category DescriptionIT issues like software & hardware requests, troubleshooting issues, etc.
IT Category OverviewWays to get help from IT:
HR Category NameHR
HR Category Description🌱 e.g. benefits inquiries, payroll & equity requests, administration questions, immigration and mobility changes, etc.
HR Category OverviewWays to get help from HR:
Facility Category NameFacilities
Facility Category Description🏢 e.g. return to office requests, badge access changes, mail and shipping, etc.
Facility Category OverviewWays to get help from Facilities:
Finance Category NameFinance
Finance Category Description💰 budgets, financial agreements with outside entities, FPA, and personal finance questions related to the company
Finance Category OverviewWays to get help from Finance:
Legal Category NameLegal
Legal Category Description📕 patents, trademarks, trading policies, intellectual property, etc
Legal Category OverviewWays to get help from Legal:
Payroll Category NamePayroll
Payroll Category Description💵 process of calculating employee earnings, 401(K), retirement plans, EESP, and more
Payroll Category OverviewWays to get help from Payroll:
Procurement Category NameProcurement
Procurement Category Description🤝 corporate process of sourcing and purchasing goods and services from an external source, vendor management, issuing purchase orders and developing term contracts.
Procurement Category OverviewWays to get help from Procurement:
T&E Category NameTravel and Expense
T&E Category Description✈️ e.g. travel inquiries, expense inquires, etc.
T&E Category OverviewWays to get help from Travel & Expense:

Create Items w/ Sample Text

For each category, identify the set of items (destinations) to aid the employee. There are seven ways to create one:

DescriptionSample Text
File Ticket - item nameFile an IT Ticket
File Ticket - item action text (button copy)File a ticket
File Ticket - item description-
File Ticket - item disclaimerThis data will enter the IT service desk records. Please do not provide sensitive personal info such as passwords, SSN, etc.
Email - item nameEmail Support
Email - item action text (link copy)Send an email to Finance support
Email - item descriptionVisit Expensify to submit reimbursements. For questions, email [email protected]
Email - item disclaimerEmails will take more than 24 hours for a response
Email - address[email protected]
Channel Redirect - item nameChat with an agent
Channel Redirect - item action text':biztech: BizTech’
Channel Redirect - item descriptionFor requests related to Business Technology, like software access or troubleshooting.'
Channel Redirect - item disclaimerYour request may take up to 1 hr to be reviewed by an agent
Live Agent Handoff - item nameChat with an agent
Live Agent Handoff - item action textLive Agent
Live Agent Handoff - item description-
Live Agent Handoff - item disclaimerThe live agent queue is only available 8 to 5PM EST from Monday to Friday
Self-Service Portal (URL) - item namePeople Portal (HR)
Self-Service Portal (URL) - item action textVisit the People Portal
Self-Service Portal (URL) - item descriptionFor requests not mentioned on the list
Self-Service Portal (URL) - item disclaimer-
Self-Service Portal (URL) -
Task-specific Bot (URL) - item namePTO Bot
Task-specific Bot (URL) - item action textSetup PTO with PTO Bot
Task-specific Bot (URL) - item descriptionGoing on vacation? Schedule time.
Task-specific Bot (URL) - item disclaimer-
Task-specific Bot (URL) - link-
Specific handle (@mention) - item nameContact John Smith
Specific handle (@mention) - item action textFor questions, contact @john_smith
Specific handle (@mention) - item description-
Specific handle (@mention) - item disclaimerJohn Smith is only available from 8AM to 12PM PST on Monday to Friday