Smart Handoff


The Moveworks Smart Handoff feature:

  • Intelligently routes employees to the right team or destination for further help
  • Configurable backstop after Moveworks attempts to answer the question
  • Powered by domain recognition and user metadata

Smart Handoff directs the user to the correct set of destinations when no resolution is provided by the bot.

Configuration Options

We can group the Smart Handoff configurations into two distinct setups:

  1. single-domain: Only one domain (category) is enabled in your environment such as Moveworks for IT or Moveworks for HR.
  2. multi-domain: More than 2 domains are enabled in your environment such as Enterprise Service (up to 8 domains, as mentioned below).

These handoff destinations or items can be configured using various context that the bot has such as:

  • Domain of the user's issue: the output of the domain classification model
  • Language detected: the output of the language detected in the user utterance
  • Language preference: the language preference of the user, when multilingual support has been configured
  • Any user attributes on the Moveworks user profile e.g. worker status (VIP, contingent, intern, etc), location (US, EMEA, etc), and more

These destinations can be any of the following:

  • File Ticket - Submitting a ticket into the ticketing system
  • Live Agent Handoff - URL based, API based, or Channel (Teams, Slack Channel)
  • URL - to SSP, e.g.
  • Chat Channel ID (if Slack) - CXXXXXXXXX (Slack Channel ID)
  • Slack handle - @Andrew
  • Email Address - [email protected]
  • Another Bot - URL-based
  • …and many more