BMC Remedy/Helix Access Requirements

What is this account used for:

To integrate with BMC Remedy, Moveworks will need a dedicated service account, and its username and password so the platform can interact with the BMC Remedy AR System REST API. The Moveworks bot interacts with your BMC Remedy System to:

  • Monitor tickets for autonomous resolution
  • Reach out to an employee when a BMC Remedy ticket needs the employee's attention
  • Create tickets to log issues the bot has resolved autonomously
  • Create tickets for issues that require an agent's attention
  • Triage incoming tickets
  • Read knowledge base articles, so that the bot can serve them to employees
  • Read the BMC Remedy user table so that the bot can log and assign issues appropriately.

Outlined below are the BMC interface forms and REST API interfaces required to read and write to BMC Remedy that the bot service account will need access to, as well as reasons for the access.

Required Access for ITSM Integration/ Core Ticketing & Ticket Notifications:

  1. HPD.IncidentInterface - Get Incident Details
  2. HPD.IncidentInterface_Create - Create Incident
  3. HPD.WorkLog - Update Ticket Work notes
  4. SRM.WorkLog - Update REQ Ticket Work notes
  5. SRM.RequestInterface - Get Request Details
  6. SRD:ServiceRequestDefinition_Base - Get Request Schema Definitions
  7. CTM:People - Get User Information

Required Access for Knowledge Search:

  1. RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager - Get Knowledge article metadata
  2. RKM:HowToTemplate - Get HowToTemplate Article Body Content
  3. RKM:KnownErrorTemplate - Get KnownErrorTemplate Article Body Content
  4. RKM:ProblemSolutionTemplate - Get ProblemSolutionTemplate Article Body Content
  5. RKM:ReferenceTemplate - Get ReferenceTemplate Article Body Content

Please create a service account dedicated to Moveworks and securely transfer the credentials of this account with your Moveworks Customer Success team.