Sysaid Access Requirements

Why do we need access to your Sysaid instance?

The account we create in your Sysaid instance will directly perform actions to create, update, and query information about tickets & view users and knowledge.

(Optional) If you use Sysaid’s on-prem version, we’ll also need to setup the Moveworks Agent to be able to connect with your system. In this case, contact your Customer Support team to help.

Production Access Permissions

In your Production Sysaid environment, the following accounts are needed:

  • One user account (for testing & end-to-end validation) with the End User role.

  • One dedicated service account as an Administrator to read/update tickets and read users/KB articles (only admins in Sysaid are allowed to call the Sysaid API).

  • Additionally we’ll need to confirm this admin service account has the following permissions:


Please provide the username and password for both the service accounts to your Customer Success team.

Sysaid Authentication

API access for Sysaid is done through cookie-based API sessions. Moveworks will generate these using the created service account credentials.

What is this account used for

The Moveworks service interacts with your Sysaid platform so that the bot can:

  • monitor tickets for autonomous resolution
  • reach out to an employee when a Sysaid ticket needs the employee's attention
  • create tickets to log issues the bot has resolved autonomously
  • create tickets for issues that require an agent's attention
  • read the Sysaid user roster so that the bot can log and assign issues appropriately