Moveworks Setup - Native Approvals

What are Native Approvals?

Native approvals are workflows designed to automate the approval process for tasks and functions within a system. They are ingrained in the functioning of the system and follow its inherent rules and procedures.

Native approvals in Moveworks provide a sequence of validations for different actions or requests, such as permissions to a resource or additions to a distribution list. These processes can be tailored according to specific roles, tasks, and predefined conditions.

They expedite approval requests by categorizing them based on certain parameters and directing each to an appropriate authority for approval. By employing conditions and rules, these approval workflows filter and sort requests to eliminate unnecessary steps and find the most efficient path to resolution.

Default Native Approval Workflows in Moveworks

Moveworks offers a variety of built-in, or 'default', native approval workflows, acting as standard templates for common use cases. They represent the foundational elements that can be customized to form flexible and adaptive approval workflows fitting an organization's unique approval process needs.

  1. APP_ADMIN: The Application Administrator's approval is necessary to carry out certain functions.
  2. MANAGER: This type of approval requires the consent of the individual's Manager.
  3. AUTO_APPROVE: Here, tasks or requests are automatically approved, bypassing the need for an approving authority.
  4. STANDARD_TRUST_MODEL: This workflow triggers if the requestor is their manager or their role matches predetermined roles. If these conditions aren't met, it falls back to require the Distribution List Owner's approval.
  5. STANDARD_WITH_FALLBACK_TO_MANAGER: Similar to Standard Trust Model, but when the initial conditions aren't satisfied, approval falls back to the Manager.
  6. MOST_RESTRICTIVE_TRUST_MODEL: A workflow that operates under stricter conditions for automatic approval. If not met, it reverts to require the Distributor List Owner's consent.
  7. MOST_RESTRICTIVE_WITH_FALLBACK_TO_MANAGER: A stricter workflow that requires the Manager's approval as a fallback when initial conditions aren't fulfilled.
  8. LEAST_RESTRICTIVE_TRUST_MODEL: This workflow operates under more flexible approval criteria. When conditions aren't met, approval from the Distribution List Owner is sought.
  9. GSUITE_OPEN_OR_OWNER: Specific to G-Suite requests, this workflow requires the consent of the Owner, or the group must be open for the action to go through.
  10. AUTO_APPROVE_FULL_TIME_ELSE_MANAGER: If a full-time user makes a request, it's approved automatically. Otherwise, it calls for approval from the Manager.
  11. AUTO_APPROVE_FULL_TIME_ELSE_APP_ADMIN: Similar to the previous workflow, but if the requestor is not a full-time user, approval from the App admin is required.
  12. APP_ADMIN_THEN_MANAGER: A two-step approval process. First, the App Admin needs to approve. If approved, the workflow moves to require the Manager's approval.
  13. MANAGER_THEN_DL_OWNER_WITH_FALLBACK_TO_AUTO_APPROVE: A process where Manager approval is sought first, followed by the DL Owner. If these aren't fulfilled, it falls back to automatic approval.
  14. MANAGER_THEN_DL_OWNER : A sequential workflow that first seeks the Manager's approval, then progresses to the DL Owner.
  15. ADD_TO_DL_APPROVAL: This workflow refers to getting approval to be added to a Distribution List. It typically requires the consent of the most restrictive role, falling back to the manager's approval if necessary.
  16. REMOVE_FROM_DL_APPROVAL: This pertains to getting approval to be removed from a Distribution List. The process mirrors the ADD_TO_DL_APPROVAL workflow.
  17. CREATE_DL_APPROVAL: This workflow automatically approves the creation of a Distribution List.
  18. GET_DL_MANAGER_APPROVAL: Here, the approval from the Manager of the Distribution List is required.
  19. MOST_RESTRICTIVE_WITH_FALLBACK_TO_DL_MANAGER: A stricter approval process that moves from requiring DL owner approval to DL Manager approval if initial conditions are not met.

Adding Custom Approval Workflow

This configuration also allows you to create custom approval workflows. The default workflows, although integral, are not currently visible in the Moveworks setup application. When selecting approval workflows, both default and your custom-made workflows will be available.

To create a custom approval workflow:

  1. Name the Custom Approval Workflow: Provide a unique identifier for your custom workflow.

  2. Input the Workflow Expression: The workflow expression is written using a JSON block. Refer to the JSON Documentation for guidelines on crafting this expression effectively.