Axero Access Requirements

Axero Access & Information Needs

Why do we need access to your Axero Instance?

The bot will read knowledge base articles and use them to serve the information in a Moveworks Bot to answer questions.

Authentication Requirements

Full instructions can be found in Axero’s official API documentation.

To authenticate into Axero’s API, you need to provide:

  • REST API Key: Gives Moveworks the permissions and authentication to read from Axero
    • Axero Guide for creating a REST API Key
    • The API Key will have the same permissions as the account it is created on. For this integration, we will need read access to all of the knowledge articles
    • e.g. amdvOjA0YmCOOmE1LTgyNDctNGM1Yi04asdasdNDMwLTBiYzc0YTEwZmFmOQ==
  • Axero URL: The URL to your digital workplace.

Other Information

You will also need to specify which sets of pages to ingest.

  • Axero Space ID: Numerical ID for the Space that contains specific user-facing content. This can often be found in the URL when
    • e.g. HR Space ID is 23, IT Space ID is 17