OneLogin SSO Configuration Guide

This guide walks you through the OneLogin SSO OIDC setup for Moveworks Creator Studio. This will create a OneLogin application that will then allow any employee in your organization to log into Creator Studio through OneLogin SSO.

OneLogin App Setup Instructions

Go to the Administration tab in your OneLogin portal. The url will look like below:


Create New Connector

  1. Go to Applications → Custom Connectors as shown below.

  2. Click New Connector.

    1. Specify a name for the connector. We recommend calling it Moveworks OIDC.
    2. Configure the application:
      1. Choose the Sign on method to be OpenID Connect.
      2. Use as the Redirect URL.
      3. Use as the Login URL.
  3. Select options as shown below.

Add App to Connector

  1. Go to Add App to Connector under Custom Connectors.

  2. Specify a name for the app. We recommend calling it Moveworks.

  3. Uncheck visible in portal.

Finish Moveworks’ side of the integration

After setup is complete, please share your Client Id, Client Secret, and Issuer URL with your Customer Success team:

  1. Go to the application you just created. Go to SSO tab.

  2. Share the following details: