Freshservice Access Requirements

Why do we need access to your Freshservice Instance?

The bot will directly perform actions in Freshservice to create, update, and query information about tickets.

Freshservice Permissions

The Moveworks service interacts with your Freshservice platform so that the bot can:

  • monitor tickets for autonomous resolution;
  • reach out to an employee when a ticket needs the employee's attention;
  • create tickets to log issues the bot has resolved autonomously;
  • create tickets for issues that require an agent's attention;
  • load Freshservice forms so that the bot can serve them to employees; and
  • read the Freshservice user roster so that the bot can log and assign issues appropriately.
  • read and index knowledge base articles to serve to users in your Moveworks bot.

What is this account used for:

A dedicated service account in Freshservice allows the Moveworks service to read and update tickets, and read users, forms, and knowledge articles.

Access Requirements

Create Custom Moveworks Admin Role

To grant the necessary roles, Agent Role titled "Moveworks Admin" and check the following boxes in the following two sections under Permissions and Scope:

  • Tickets
    • Edit ticket properties
    • Create and Edit Tasks in Tickets
    • View or Edit time entries
      • Edit everyone's time entries
    • Scope: Global Access
  • Administration
    • Perform Operational Admin actions
      • Manage Agents
      • View Requesters
        • Assume Requester Identity
      • View Department
      • Create/Edit Service Items/Service Category
  • Solutions
    • View Solutions Tab
      • Manage Solution Categories & Folders

Create Service Account

Create a new Full-Time agent account for the Moveworks bot and assign the "Moveworks Admin" role. Please note that the timezone for this account should be: (GMT+00:00) UTC

Share Credentials

Share the following information with your Customer Success team:

  • API key of this account
  • Freshservice domain/URL (i.e.
    • Even if you have a custom CNAME, Moveworks requires the actual domain for the integration.

Service account in test/dev

If you have a Freshservice sandbox instance, replicate the above steps to create a service account in the sandbox. Otherwise, create a test group named "Moveworks - test" in your Freshservice instance to utilize for testing.

What is this account used for:

This account is used for testing, please grant access to an instance that is the closest to your prod instance for the Moveworks Team for testing purposes before changes are deployed in production and also for the IT Testing phase.