Solarwinds Samange Access Requirements

Why do we need access to your Solarwinds instance ?

The service account created in your Solarwinds instance will perform create, update operations on behalf of end users as well as notify end users on ticket related updates.

The Moveworks Service interacts with your Solarwinds platform so that the bot can:

  • Monitor tickets for autonomous resolution
  • Identify end users/employees
  • Create tickets for issues that require an agent's attention
  • Reach out to an employee when a Solarwinds ticket needs the employee's attention (via ticket comments)

Access Requirements

Moveworks need the JWT auth token to authenticate with the Solarwinds instance which is tied to the service account.

Access Setup Walkthrough

To setup a new service account user navigate to the Setup page in your Solarwinds instance and create a new user

Select the role as an administrator as in Solarwinds only users with admin license can generate an API token.

Once the user is create click on the user, click on the actions tab in the page and Generate JSON web token from the dropdown menu (Solarwinds Service Desk administrator rights required).

In the user detail page under JSON Web Token you can see the following options:

  • Copy: Copy the token to your clipboard.
  • Reset: Reset your token.
  • Delete: Delete your Token.
  • Hide Token: Minimize your token, and replaces with a Show Token link.

Click Copy and securely store the token to share with Moveworks.

Setup Overview

After setup is complete, provide the following information to your Moveworks CS team:

  • JSON Web Token
  • Service account login credentials

Provide provide ALL of the above to your Moveworks Customer Success team via encrypted email.