Live Agent - ServiceNow AWA


When an end user does not receive sufficient help from the Moveworks bot, they will have the option to either file a ticket, or request help from a Live Agent. This document outlines the experience for a user requesting to speak to a live agent with the Moveworks integration with ServiceNow AWA.


  1. If an agent’s status is set to “Available,” the agent is notified with the last utterance that the end-user input into the bot. An IMS ticket is also created for tracking.

  2. A waiting message appears for the user, the user cannot type in chat at this point. ServiceNow does not allow the bot to impersonate the end-user so it is not possible to have an experience where the bot has already sent a message via ServiceNow Live Chat on behalf of the user.

  1. The agent accepts the request and is presented with the Agent Workspace and a chat window. The user’s last utterance is populated in the short description of this interaction record.

  1. The user is notified that an agent has picked up the issue and can now chat.

  1. Agents can introduce themselves to the user by referencing the context that was passed into the interaction record. e.g: “Hi, I understand you are having issues with ********. How may I assist you?”_