Answers Integration - Google Drive


Moveworks Answers skill enables the Moveworks bot to answer user’s questions directly in chat, by understanding the questions and responding instantly with answers containing the most relevant article snippets, links to articles in the knowledge base, or links to external articles taken from trusted knowledge sources. The Moveworks Google Drive integration is leveraged by the Moveworks Answers skill to import content into the Moveworks Enterprise Cache so it can be searched by the Moveworks bot in real-time.

Supported File Types

Moveworks integrates with Google Drive to ingest Google Docs that are part of a shared team drive. Moveworks currently does not support ingesting Slides, or other Google Drive file types that are not Google Docs.

Formatting Guidelines

Moveworks recommends using the Google Drive native headings for the best performance.

Please note that images, tables, text formatting, lists or other multi-media formats will not be rendered in chat. Instead, the user will be able to click the article and view the source article in Google docs.


  1. Moveworks identifies candidate files to ingest
    1. We use the “List Files API” and provide a filter string. We usually use a query string to filter to files within a given folder, but you can provide any filter string you want.
  2. Moveworks extracts the file as HTML and produces snippets
    1. We rely on Google to transform the article as you’ve written it into an HTML document. We then parse that HTML document, converting it into a chat-ready answer.
  3. Moveworks serves answer to the user