Moveworks Setup - Channel Resolver

What is Channel Resolver?

Moveworks Channel Resolver allows the Moveworks bot to detect and help resolve users’ requests for assistance that are posted to support Slack channels such as #it-support, #tech-help, etc.

When the Moveworks bot detects that a user is submitting a request it is confident it can resolve, the bot will intercept the channel message, post in the thread, and send the user a direct message (DM) with a solution, keeping confidential information within DMs.

For learning more about this please visit this page: Channel Resolver.

What can with the Channel Resolver module?

This module allows you to configure

  1. Setup channel information where the bot will be active .
  2. Setup emoji’s the bot will be using for different use-cases
    1. To indicate a ticket was filed.
    2. To indicate a response was provided.
  3. Setup ticket creation behavior from the channel on user queries.


  1. Ensure you have the bot added to the required slack channel where it will be active and can read and reply to messages that are being sent in the channel.

    1. It generally takes around 10 minutes for the app to be enabled in the slack channel once it is added.

Overview of module

This module allows setting up the bot inside the channel and define the behaviour in the following steps

  1. Channel information → input channel details and enabled domain on which the bot can action on
  2. Emoji customization → Add emoji values for bot actions
  3. Ticket Syncing → Define the ticketing behaviour for the bot in the channel
  4. Channel workflows → Define your slack workflows enabled within the channel which the bot can act on

Advanced Settings

Enable channel resolver feature params to control the bot behaviour in the channel

I am ready to configure !

Channel Information

Start adding the channel related information in this section.

Field NameDescriptionExample values
Channel nameAdd the slack channel name here where the bot will be present
Channel IDAdd the channel ID for the provided channel name. This is important to identify the slack channel where the bot has been added to.C06BDVA09EV
Enabled domainsSelect the domains from the drop-down that are enabled in the channel. If unselected all the domains are applicable bot will respond to all user queries regardless of the domain.IT, HR, Finance
Disabled skillsSelect the skills from the drop-down that will be disabled in the channelACCESS_SW - Access software
ACCESS_DL - Access group
ACCESS_ACCOUNT - Access account
ASKME - Knowledge, FAQ, External knowledge, Files
FORM - Forms
Disabled sub-skillSelect the sub-skills from the drop-down that will be disabled in the channel. Note: If you have already selected Access_Account previously all of the skills are disabled under this.ACCOUNT_UNLOCK - Account unlock
FORGOT_PASSWORD- Forgot password
Enable responding to IT agentsBy default the bot won’t respond to IT agents. These are the users tagged with IT-AGENT in the Identity configuration. Recommended to leave this checkbox as off-

Emoji Customization

Add emoji values for the config’s in this section. Moveworks bot always adds a 👀 emoji if the bot has reached out to the user through a direct message.

Channel resolver supports all of the standard slack emoji plus it can support any custom emoji used by your org. While entering these values we need text input so if you want to enable this emoji : 🎫. Enter the value as "ticket" in the text input without the semicolons

Field NameDescriptionDefault Emoji being usedDefault values in text
Emoji to indicate no resolution occurredAdd a emoji to indicate no resolution occurred. In this case the bot tried answering the user queries but no resolution was achieved with the provided helpexclamation
Emoji to indicate some resolution occurredAdd a emoji to indicate some resolution was occurred. In this case the bot answered the user query and the resolution was adaptwhite_check_mark
Emoji to indicate a ticket was filedAdd a emoji to indicate a ticket was filed. In this case the bot has created a ticket for the user query🎫ticket
Enable or disable adding emoji when no response was providedThis check-box defines the bot behaviour in case when the bot has no response to the user query. It enables the bot to add a emoji in this case.n/an/a
Emoji to indicate no response was providedAdd a emoji to indicate that no response was provided from the bot. This will only be added if the above check box is enabledexclamation
Emoji to trigger synced ticket creationAdd a emoji to trigger ticket creation. Note this is a manual ticket emoji which the users will add to trigger ticket creation through bot in channeln/an/a
Emoji to indicate an auto-generated ticket was createdAdd emoji to use when an auto-generated ticket was created. In this case the bot will create a auto-generated ticket. If Emoji is set for indicating a ticket is filed this config is not needed🎫n/a
Emoji to trigger ticket assignmentAdd emoji which will help IT-agent self-assign the ticket. This will assign the IT-Agent to the filed ticketn/an/a

Ticket Syncing (Advanced)

  • Enable ticket syncing

    • The bot is able to sync the comments being made on the ticket and bring them into the channel thread, Also the bot is able to update the thread if the ticket is marked resolved
    • Enable this flag to start ticket syncing
    • Follow this config for additional configurations required which is done in your ticketing system :
      Ticket Syncing configuration
  • Ticket creation criteria

    • Select the ticket creation criteria that is applicable for the bot within the channel
    • Create a synced ticket when an agent uses the manual ticket creation emoji ↔ The bot will only create a ticket when a agent adds a ticket emoji on the user query
    • Automatically create synced tickets from all Slack posts made by non-agents ↔ The bot will automatically create tickets on all slack posts made by non-agents
  • Assign ticket to bot if reach-out occurs

    • Enable this to assign the ticket to bot so the ticket is identifiable as coming from the channel route. If the resolution is not helpful, the ticket will be unassigned to the agent’s can pick it up for further triage

Channel workflows (Advanced)

This is used when you have slack workflows posting in the same channel where the bot is present in. The bot will use this information to create a ticket

  • Workflows

Click on +Add button to add new workflows and enter the following details

  1. Slack workflow App ID
  2. User ID Identifier
  3. Short Description Identifier

Default Domain

Select the domain that will be used for tickets that are filed through slack channel workflows

Once this configuration is completed it takes around five minutes for the config to sync and the bot will start replying to user queries in the slack channel.

How to guides

How do i disable the Access skills in slack channels

Channel resolver allows you to enable/disable Access skills in slack channels

  1. Navigate to the Channel information section
  2. Check the disabled skills, Select the Access skills that you want to disable from the drop-down

How do i disable ticket filing in slack channels

You are able to disable ticket filing in slack channels in the channel resolver config. This will completely disable ticketing within the channel.

  1. Navigate to the Channel information section
  2. Select if you want to disable ticket filing and save the config

How do i enable emoji if bot has no response on the user's question

By default the bot won't respond to user queries. You can enable bot on adding a emoji if bot has a no response

  1. Navigate to the Emoji customization section
  2. Select the "Enable adding emoji when no response was provided"