My Moveworks Overview

My Moveworks is your one-stop portal for accessing all your Moveworks products, documentation, community, academy, and support. Here's how you can get started

How do I get My Moveworks

  1. Install the Moveworks Single Sign-On (SSO) App: Moveworks Administration Tools Setup
  2. Manage Roles and Permissions
  3. Optional: validate login access for other users

Access My Moveworks

You can access your My Moveworks application from

  1. Your single-sign on (SSO) application homepage
  2. By logging into:
    1. for the United States (default) region
    2. for the Canada region
    3. for the EU region
    4. for the Australia / Asia Pacific region
    5. for the Government Secure Cloud region

You should see a homepage with all your licensed Moveworks applications

Don’t see Moveworks in your list of SSO applications? Check that your SSO admin has enabled the application for you.

Can’t log into with your email? Ensure your SSO admin has granted access to your desired email address.

Can’t log into with your SSO admin? Ask your SSO admin to Contact support to validate your SSO configuration with Moveworks.

How Long Does My Moveworks Stay Logged In

By default, My Moveworks stays logged in for a period of 2 weeks. You can configure this "session lifetime" in both Okta and Microsoft Entra (Azure AD) to match your organization's security policy.