Channel Resolver Integration - Jira Server

Jira Server

Moveworks Channel Resolver can now take issues posted in a help Slack channel (such as #help-it) and automatically convert them to real-time synced tickets, where updates happen bidirectionally between the ticket in Jira and the conversation in the Slack thread.

This guide walks through the setup required to enable ticket events, via Webhooks configured on your Jira Server instance.

Enable Outbound Networking on Jira Server

If this is not enabled already, follow the instructions in to configure Jira so it can communicate externally through an outbound proxy: Configure an outbound proxy for use in Jira server.


Information Required for Setup:

  • Shared by Moveworks team →
    • org_name
    • integration_id
  • PROJECT_NAME → your Jira Service Desk project

Set up Webhooks for Ticket Events

  1. Navigate to https://{{ instance_name }}/plugins/servlet/webhooks and click Create a WebHook
  2. The following fields should be set to the specified value:
    1. Name: Moveworks Webhook Integration
    2. Status: Enabled
    3. URL:{org_name}/jira/{integration_id}/events
    4. Exclude body must be unchecked
    5. JQL: project in (PROJECT_NAME)
      1. For example, if the Project Name is HELP, this should be: project in (HELP)
    6. The following events under Issue related events should be checked:
      If the customer’s system does not have “Attachment” then it’s fine to leave that off
    7. All other event categories can be ignored

Share Jira Server IPs to Moveworks

In order to listen to ticket events, Moveworks requires the external IP address or IP range (CIDR block) of your Jira Server instance. Please share this securely with your Moveworks Customer Success team.